Thursday, December 22, 2016

- Bring It Like A Patron

Here is my favorite story of the week. Artists Want Ivanka Trump to Remove Their Work That Hangs on Her Walls.

I've always liked Ivanka Trump, and not just because she looks so much like my own daughter. As a businesswoman, she always seemed to me to be more 'on key' than her dad. She gave occasional interviews on CNBC in the past, and she always had a clear communications style, and something worthwhile to say. The fact that she is supporting artists doesn't surprise me - it's a common practice of the rich. The word Patron loosely translated to spanish means "Boss" (as in "Bring it like a ...".) and Ivanka always seemed like she understood that role.

The fact that the artists have now decided ex-post to be angry that she has supported their work by buying it, seems to me to be the perfect under the radar public IQ test. A kind of rorschach test of historical literacy. Because the value of art is quite literally only defined by the patrons who will support it, these artists are basically telling us that their views of the world should be devalued. They quite literally couldn't say anything more stupid about their art than asking a patron of the arts to divest themselves of it. It's a stunning example of the vacuous intellectual hubris of the left.

Modern art is a joke. No, I don't mean I think it's a joke (though I do), I mean it's actually a joke. It's supposed to be an ironic commentary on our virtueless society. It's really just a reflection of the nihilism of our artistic community, and their belief that the bourgeois western world could never produce anything of real value. It's particularly ironic that they are complaining about someone from the Trump family, who have their names on much more permanent structures, all over the world. Their "art", only seems beautiful if you get the joke of it, and personally I never have.

The solution here is for Ivanka to take them at their word, and to never buy anything they create, ever again. If I were her, I'd do my best to persuade others to do the same. Let's see how superior they all feel when they're asking someone if they'd like fries or a shake with their next "beautiful" creation.

The first comment on the linked article couldn't have said it better. Proving yet again that brevity is the soul of wit, commenter "Guns And Liberty" simply said: "Dear Artists. Lick my nads." Succinct Brilliance.

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