Monday, December 19, 2016

- The Clinton Archipelago

I tried to clip the image from Zerohedge, but it's not being very friendly about it. You'll have to click the link. But I think this is the best graphical representation of the concentration of Democrat support in 2016 that I've seen.

What it doesn't include is the fact that they also held the Whitehouse, and therefore the Justice Department, and virtually 100% of Academia. And from that lofty tower the people who live in these few tiny places tried to dictate morality to everyone else, and to enforce their views with the law. Forget the fact that the entire "popular vote" advantage to Hillary came from California. Forget the fact that Trump really didn't win by all that much, or that he was a terrible candidate who probably only won because the other candidate was even worse. In fact, forget politics in it's entirety.

Instead, try thinking about this as you look at that map. Culturally, the military in this country is overwhelmingly "on the right". And the region of the country except these few tiny isolated locations, represent the home of the most heavily armed civilian population on the planet. So when the liberals finally decide to bend the rules one lawyer too far, and try to actually "ban guns" or one of their other 'final solution' style progressive policies, how long exactly do you imagine it will take for a citizenry who no longer consents to be ruled by these people, to thin them out?

The Mexican border wall that Trump promised isn't a bad idea. But if we really want to make America great again, we should be building it around these tiny progressive islands.


Alex E said...

Original post: "TrumpLand and Clinton Archipelago"

Muzzlethemuz said...

Awesome, thanks for sharing. Alex E., thanks for the complete link. This had to have been the map Rush was speaking of on his radio show today. Zero coverage by the national press. Surprise, surprise.