Monday, December 19, 2016

- Dear "Charles Walz" ...

I saw your little tantrum on Facebook wishing death and destruction on the people that don't share your politics. That's me. I'm a conservative Republican living in New york City. And I have a few things to say to you about it.

So let's get this out of the way first. I know (actually - we all know) you aren't going to do a damned thing to anyone. You have no real courage and you aren't a man of action. You're a placeholder - the kind of guy that's never been all that good at anything. You took a government job for that very reason, because you knew that you could never compete and win in the private sector. You aren't skilled, talented, or charming. You wanted safety and security, but you didn't want to have to meet performance standards. So a job working for New York State was just about perfect for you.

You were apparently too stupid to realize that when you had another of your little outbursts it would probably cost you your job. It might cost you your pension too. I certainly hope so. There should be costs for a person who so despises his fellow man. It shouldn't be so easy for a guy like you to make ends meet without changing your behavior. But you never know. The State of NY doesn't like to punish people just for being stupid, or the place would be empty. Your bosses aren't all that much more competent than you are, so you might save your ass yet. I hope not.

As for your behavior itself, I personally am not that put off by it. Yes... it shows you as a weak, frightened, horrifying little man, but that was probably obvious to everyone around you long before your outburst. The truth is, I think most Democrats feel the way you do, certainly the ones who are as mindless as you are. That rage and hatred you demonstrated is shared by them, and is the reason they're always projecting 'hate' onto everyone else. You aren't even special in that way. You aren't smart enough for that.

That stupidity of yours, that's why you bought into the liberal narrative with such vigor. Because it makes you feel like you matter more than you really do. It lets you proclaim your moral superiority over others. It's virtue on the cheap. All the self congratulation with none of the sacrifice. It's true that the groupthink of it means that you can't have ideas of your own, but you never had all that many anyway, so it probably didn't seem like much to give up for you. But those of us who are smart see you for precisely what you are. You aren't fooling anyone.

So here's the thing dipshit... I'm not frightened by you and I'm not angry at you. I'm not anything at all at you. You couldn't be more insignificant to me. I think you're exactly what you seem to be - a third rate blowhard from sector 7G who isn't capable of ... well really much of anything. you're a nothing. A no-one. And you'll probably always be that way. Except for your idiocy at proclaiming your hatred for America in such a public venue, you wouldn't have ever been known for much of anything. My bet is that you'll have a very tiny funeral.

But just in case you still have a few working brain cells that can tell the difference between a thought and a feeling, let me try to teach you a little something. All that rage you feel? That isn't at us, it's at yourself. You hate yourself for being such a nothing. You hate your life as a nobody government drone - a soulless man in a soulless job, that fritters away his whole life filling out forms under fluorescent lights. You are unloved because you're unlovable. You aren't the brave champion you think you are. You're cannon fodder, just like all the other liberals who can't see their leadership for what it is.

I'd insult you, but I don't think I could say anything about your life that would be worse than what your life already is. And since it's obviously already torture for you, I'm content to let you suffer on your own.

Now go away little man. Go back to your empty little life where you belong. No one cares how you feel.

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