Friday, December 2, 2016

- Embargo The Mainstream Press

This is a pretty enlightening story on Vox about how everyone is mad at the media:

The anger is easily understood: Trump’s revolution was televised — and they weren’t. Trump won. They didn’t. And for two days, at a Harvard University conference debriefing the 2016 election — an event that brings together political operatives and the press that followed them around — it was clear that everyone was mad at the media. Explosively furious.

“Trump was the entire market. When we were asked to go on, we were asked to comment on what he said,” Jeb Bush’s strategist David Kochel said.

They weren’t given the opportunity to share their message, they said. There was no airtime to convince the nation they had solutions. The media stopped them from beating Trump. These were the people on the frontline of the media’s scramble to cover Trump — and they were apoplectic.

You shouldn't pay as much attention to the who said what to who etc. Some people look inward for solutions when confronted with failure, and some people blame others. (I prefer to look inward, but it's not exactly a recipe for future success because without someone to blame it's often hard to get another chance.) But there is some important information to glean from this none the less.

First, if you want to know who 'the establishment' is, most of them were there. Those that weren't had someone there taking notes for them, or some other arrangement to know what was discussed. Second, it's revealing with regard to what 'the establishment' was doing this past year, if it wasn't overtly obvious. They picked Donald Trump to win the Republican primary, and succeed (angering the Republicans), and the picked Hillary Clinton to win the general and they failed (angering the Democrats.)

The bias there is implicit. It's unstated, but totally obvious between the lines. And what they're doing up there at Harvard is trying to figure out how to manipulate the populace more effectively next time. They have no interest in repenting their sins and telling the truth in the future. They are only interested in telling a more effective lie.

But what does it say about the Republican establishment, who knew they would all have targets on their back and submitted to the great media lie machine anyway? Why is it that every Republican candidate didn't already sound like Trump? Either they are too stupid (or maybe passive) to understand that the game is designed for them to lose, or they really are too comfortable in their role as well compensated Judas Goat to care. In some respects, it sound like this group was put together in order to convince the Republican establishment to stick with them and lose by less next time.

Romney and Rubio staffers complaining that they couldn't get their message out? What fucking planet have they been living on? When was the last time the media gave a republican an honest and fair chance to frame the discussion? And for that matter why should they? They (the media) took control of the country, they owned it. It's really the responsibility of the Republicans to take it back. But the establishment(R) simply couldn't do it. Even our talking heads (with a very few rare exceptions) are far to cowed to stand up for themselves.

Then came Trump.

Trump see's the media for exactly what they are - an enemy of traditional "America" with a shared vision so focused that there is no need for a conspiracy. They are in thrall to the academic religion of equalism, and are utterly immune to explanations of it's hypocrisy. On their best day they're useless, mindless drones incapable of self reflection, and on their worst they're monsters who would rather see this country blown to bits that admit that their vision might be wrong.

The Trump revolution isn't over - not for us, or for the media. The Democrat party needs the support of at least some of the voters, so there is a constraint on them. Their steering wheel may only go to the left, but at least it's something. But the press has nothing to pull on it. They can do or say whatever they like, and do so only when it best suits their personal agenda. The Democrat party doesn't own the press. More likely, it's the other way around.

They have no intention of giving up, and neither should we. I'm hoping Trump never gives an interview, disbands the Whitehouse Press corps, and provides all his information through online sources. I'm hoping the Republican party lauches an immediate 'news embargo' for all the mainstream sources. No CNN, no MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NYTimes, etc. Starve the beast. The next time someone in government says "...but we need the media!" he should be beaten bloody by those in attendance. That won't be enough, but maybe it will be a start.

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