Thursday, December 15, 2016

- Fat Sluts For Clinton: The CounterProtest

The “Fat Sluts for Clinton” march is now moving forward on the day after the inauguration, since there was some initial confusion about the permitting process. And I just came up with what would no doubt be the perfect counter-protest.

If I had the cash (I don’t… but if I did) I’d hire a bunch of male strippers to counter protest the march. I’d have them dress in as little as the weather would allow – maybe under longer coats or something that can be opened for the girls, and have them carry pro-Trump and maybe a few Pepe the Frog signs as the women marched by. They could blast the music from Les Miserables and wiggle around just enough to distract the girls.

It would be great fun seeing the girls trying to focus their mental energy on their political goals, when their real goal was just a few feet away with a different political message. I imagine the chants fading out as the girls caught sight of the counter protest “Hey Hey!! Ho Ho!! Donald Trump has got to…. hey look at that! hey moonbeam, what are those guys doing over there? Those guys right there! OMG look!”

This hits all the buttons. It sexualizes the women over their own objections, and thus trivializes their political message. It divides them (as a prelude to conquering) by separating the heterosexual and homosexual contingents of the women. And it gets right to the core of Feminism which isn’t about equality, or tyranny, or anything political except making sex risk free for women. In a perfect world, and with careful placement, it may even force the speakers into a Hillary Clinton style loss of composure where she screams “Stop paying attention to those half naked men and listen to me!”

The MSM would bury it of course, but we could plant a few conservative women with smartphones in the crowd and have them tape individual reactions. It would provide months of entertainment for youtube watchers.

Alas, I don’t have the funding. But wouldn’t it be fun if I did?

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