Friday, December 16, 2016

- Kurt Eichenwald World Shatters

Personally I found the Kurt Eichenwald - Tucker Carlson interview tough to watch. It reminded me of a pathological high school kid desperately trying to explain why it was perfectly reasonable for him to have driven his parent's car into the lake. "I'm trying to tell you a Deer was in the road!" He ignores the fact that he was drunk, he had 5 of his drunken friends with him, and he had the car in the first place because he boosted the keys when his parents were asleep. They want to hear about that part, but he doesn't want to let them change the subject.

It's called frame control. Eichenwald knew he couldn't defend his outrageous claims so he spent the time flailing about in an effort to change the subject to a topic he could handle - whatever that was. Tucker Just laughed at him. Google it if you haven't seen it already. Maybe you'll have better luck getting through it than I did.

The aftermath however is troubling. Immediately after the interview there is a twitter storm that Eichenwald posted and then deleted, that ran right through the dangerously delusional rantings of a man who sounds like he's having a breakdown. What I think we're watching is the end of a journalist's career here, and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Eichenwald, who in honesty I had never heard of before this incident, seems to be one of those true believers whose entire self image is wedded to the liberal narrative, and as it falls apart, he falls apart.

Apart from that, he also thinks people are as stupid as he is. He thinks he's a master wordsmith, not a second rate union writer with a face for radio. He no doubt left that interview feeling like he had wiped the floor with Tucker, and only realized there was a problem when he saw the faces of the people back stage.

I expect we'll see more of this. The most terrified liberals are terrified for a reason. They know that if the narrative falls apart then they are just second rate (on their best day) and they'll have to confront that fact. They might not all pretend to be their wives or fake a seizure like Eichenwald has, but they're going to do something.

For a long time I've had the theory that more potential assassins are liberals because they tend to be more emotionally unstable than conservatives. Their ideas of cause and effect is all jumbled up so it's easier for them to convince themselves that killing one man is more likely to make a big difference than it really is. Eichenwald strikes me as that kind of guy. Frustrated, defensive, deep in a fog of denial about his motives, his strengths, and his weaknesses. If he had just a bit more courage, I think he could easily snap and pursue violence.

Personally I think Tucker can take him. I hope he doesn't have to. I hope Eichenwald and the rest of America's "journalists" get help while they can. Because one or two of them may have more courage than Kurt Eichenwald, and that might lead to real tragedy.


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

I would love to see a detailed study on the relationship of the hard left and sociopathy.

Stephen Paul Foster said...

The emotional instability of so many lefties is a function of their permanent adolescence -- an aversion to the cold facts of reality, disdain for hard work, moralistic and self-centered.