Saturday, December 17, 2016

- The Normalization Of Mental Illness

Contrary to what the NG cover says, the best thing about being a girl in 21st century America is not having to take responsibility for your own actions. Feminism tells us this unambiguously. If a woman fails to break the fictional 'glass ceiling', chooses a job that is more fun and therefore pays less, or gets in any trouble with anything she does, it is without a doubt, the fault of straight, white men. This is right on page one of the Feminist hymnal.

No wonder 90+% (online reports vary a little) of the people who wish to change their gender are men wishing to change to women. Who wouldn't prefer to live in a permanent state of protected adolescence, with a parent always nearby to take the blame for our actions.

My personal feeling is that the parents of this 9 year old should be thrown in prison, where the inmates usually take a very dark view of child abusers. No 9 year old understands who they will be in adulthood. They are at that point very much a work in progress. An incomplete human. To apply something as horrid as trans-sexualism to them at that age is, in my mind, a clear abdication of the responsibility of the parents, and with that abdication, they should also lose their rights as parents. few years in the general population seems perfectly appropriate, particularly if the guards 'accidentally' left a few gallons of gasoline and a dozen cigarette lighters lying around.

As for the child, I would suggest immediate psycho-therapy, if the psycho-therapy industry hadn't already been shattered into useless fragments by the very same safe space, avoid stress, everything is the fault of the white guys "thinking" that has ruined the other social sciences. when it comes to psychotherapy the asylum guards are regrettably among the worst sufferers, and have abandoned anything like reasoned thinking. Tragically this kid is almost certainly already lost. There are no longer enough sane people in our culture to guide him back to something resembling sanity himself.

But before all you girls rally around to burn me at the stake, let me ask a few brief questions. What ever happened to the idea that there are lots of ways to be men? Wouldn't this kid be better off without major surgery followed by a lifetime of heavy doses of mind altering chemicals? Couldn't he simply spend his life like pajama boy drinking hot cocoa and talking about medical insurance? Think of all the advantages he'd have. He wouldn't have to deal with any of the oppressive burdens imposed on him by the patriarchy. He'd instantly earn 9 gazillion percent more in his chosen field. He wouldn't have to worry about being raped, eye raped, manspreaded out of his seat. Surely a few less orgasms in his life would be worth that?

What's more, how does this work exactly? Being born a white heterosexual male automatically makes me a 'potential rapist' even though I don't think it has. But him being born with verifiably male genitalia plus his particular form of mental means that he is now a "girl"? How can man or woman be subjectively defined while "rapist or non rapist" cannot? How is it the only people who are born into their condition are the people you think are indirectly responsible for all the bad things that have happened to you?

The only obvious conclusion here is that this is the normalization of mental illness. We have let the inmates take over the asylum. And as a culture, to the degree that we allow these people to define our moral character, is the exact degree to which we are doomed. This story is an indication of a culture which has utterly failed. No clearer evidence of a child who has suffered severe abuse in the guise of excess compassion, has ever been made more clear.

Stories of abused children make me very angry personally. And I believe that if we lived in a just world, extreme measures would be warranted. If Bruce Jenner wants to dress like a girl or cut off his johnson as a 60 somehting man, then I'm inclined to let him. I think it's tragic, but it has no direct effect on me so I'm not much moved to action on it. But to allow, let alone to encourage, this action on the part of a 9 year old child, is an immoral act in the deepest sense. And if I'm not mistaken, it would be seen as such by any of the world's varied religions. Personally it makes me as furious as seeing a child locked naked in a dog cage, or beaten bloody with a whip. It is the same exact kind of torture in my view.

In a perfect world we would lock up the parents, carefully try to reeducate the kid, and since their choice of profession is such a reliable measure of their despicable character, hang the journalists involved in this story (and any others you can get a firm grip on) from the nearest lamp-post.

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