Thursday, December 22, 2016

- Normalizing The Swastika

I'm detecting a trend in the news. As you know, the majority of "right wing hate crimes" turn out to be fake. The Alt-Right has been talking about narrative collapse for years. But the upswing of fake hate crimes in the post Trump world has finally brought this to the attention of the periphery of the "fake news" obsessed Mainstream media.

Ace has a really great piece about it here.

As a coincidence, one of the more well publicized incidents of "fake hate" involved a girl from Baruch College in New York City, which is just a few blocks from my apartment. On the day after the election when it was supposed to have occurred, I walked proudly from my apartment to a bar on 28th st. to have a drink with a like minded friend, and quietly celebrate our escape from the Clinton machine. I proudly wore my MAGA hat, and was seen by a large number of Baruch students, most of whom looked at me with terrified horror. When I got to the bar I told my friend that I had probably "triggered" a half dozen people on my way over. Wouldn't it be fun if she was one of them?

But the trend I'm noticing is something else. These hate fakers love swastikas. No one else on the alt-right would ever think about using a swastika for anything. It doesn't represent a new idea, it represents a failed ideology which was resoundingly beaten in a major global war, and has been subsequently blamed for a great deal of crime against humanity. The swastika isn't a part of the alt-right, but in the imagination of the left, it naturally is.

The net result is bringing about the trend I mentioned. I think these crazy kids are going to end up unintentionally normalizing the swastika. It's already become my benchmark for determining a fake hate crime. If there is a swastika involved, it's an obvious fake. But it's more than that. It's use is becoming so common, I can imagine it actually being used in an ironic manor, so long as the irony is obvious enough. I could see it being displayed in SNL skits, and other spoof comedy pieces. This, to my knowledge, has never really been done before.

The closest thing I can think of was Mel Brooks, who was so funny he could get away with Hitler jokes. But in cases like Blazing Saddles or others, it was always specifically intended to indicate Germans plucked from the 1940's with their ubermensch fantasies in tact. The current usage is a more modern effort to brand anyone to the right of Paul Krugman as "the same as a nazi". Mel Brooks may be left leaning, but even he wouldn't think that's funny. The modern version is more of an inside joke for leftists, who don't realize what a tiny minority they are, so it's really a joke on them, not everyone else.

And what's even better is that the left doesn't get the joke. As an example, Amazon's, "The Man In The High Castle" involves an alternative history where the Nazi's bombed Washington with an A-bomb and won WWII. We're naturally supposed to see the Nazi society as horrible, but they perform all their horrors off screen. Their villainy is both implied and assumed. And since all their worst sins are hidden from the view of the camera, the society they show for the Nazis involves stable nuclear families who actually care about one another. There is no shattered culture, no false rape accusations, no bullying protest marches based on fiction, no middle aged men in dresses following pre-pubescent girls into the ladies room. All the sins are all hidden from view and only the virtues are shown.

Between that "pleasant on the surface" 2 dimensional world, and the constant use of the Swastika in all the fake hate crimes, I can imagine the Swastika being renormalized as a counterculture statement from the left. They'd do it as an insult to the right, but like the the Amazon TV show, the joke will be missed. I can see leftist enclaves them producing T-Shirts of Che Guevara with a swastika on his beret. Creating fashion items which 'resemble' Swastikas without actually being swastikas, or other 'clever' statements which achieve the opposite of what they intend.

This is what happens when all your demons are imaginary. You quite literally imagine them into being.

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