Saturday, December 17, 2016

- The Queen Of The Alt-Right

In case you missed it. For those of you who don't consider yourself "alt-right" he makes a very interesting point. If (according to the media) the Alt-Right is all about racism, misogyny, homophobia, hitler salutes and all the anti-virtue signals, then why in the world are they crowning Milo the queen of the alt-right? Maybe it's possible the media isn't bothering to tell you the whole story.

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Muzzlethemuz said...

I discovered this guy through RFNJ. I wasn't a fan at first. Now I love him. Extremely articulate and as much the converse of the Alt Right as BHO is the poster child for the Far Left. Republicans and Conservatives have sucked, for decades now, at producing a svelte spokesperson with the ability to relate to the Comedy Central crowd. A Catholic, Jew, Greek, English, gay. Brilliant. The Left is left sputtering.

I am increasingly laying the near-loss of the Republic on the Bush family for a few reasons: Bush I's inability to honor Reagan's legacy; their elitism; their East Coast roots and attitude (Bush I); "Read my lips;" the 1989 import ban on "assault rifles;" and the Iraq War 2003.

F the Bush Family. They set the stage for the arrival of the Clinton dynasty and had the audacity to attack Trump, the guy that ended it. F the Bushes. F the National Review. F Mitt. And F Hillary. Trump 2016 indeed.