Tuesday, December 20, 2016

- Trump's Inauguration

If you read the broadsheets and the tabloids, the left believe they have something to cheer about. Since the American Left is mostly consumed by appearance and perception, by not having an "A-lister" appear at your inauguration is a sign of some sort of impudence for the incoming administration. The NY Post is reporting that Andrea Bocelli has withdrawn from the event.  
Who cares? The only people that care are the liberal press. They will compare Trump's day to Obama's... in fact they will compare all past and future inaugurals to Obama's.
The Obama inauguration was a hollywood scripted piece of hog-wash complete with overblown accolades to the new guy from idiots like Bono of U2 and Shakira. It was too long, too overblown and completely set the stage that the Obama Admin was supposed to be like when Moses parted the Sea...
Nothing Changed, in fact it could be argued that Obama's best day in office was his inauguration. Everything was down-hill from there. I'm not much for making the POTUS inauguration a media event.  I understand that this is the only thing the Left has. They lost the POTUS, SCOTUS, and Congress. My hope is that Trump can use this moment to spank the left on another level.
Don't hire A-listers to sing and dance at your gig. There are a number of disabled vets that would gladly take the gig. As there are unemployed coal miners and steel-workers that could also fit the bill.
It would be an opportunity for America to celebrate Americans rather than celebrate the incoming president. Trump always says its about the movement and not about him.
Just think of how frustrated the writers at SNL or Colbert or The Daily Show would be if they had to lampoon a wounded vet or unemployed steel-worker for singing at the event.

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