Sunday, January 1, 2017

- 2017: The Social Justice Wars

Happy New Year. It's time to fight.

This brilliant Treatise from James Delingpole is the best thing I've read on the topic of how the right should plan to fight in the upcoming 'Social Justice Wars":

For far, far too long, conservatives have been fighting a defensive war – spending more time apologising for being conservatives than actually taking on the enemy. But at last, in the U.S. at least, we have a leader who is not afraid of a fight. What does “always attack” mean in practice, though? Well here’s a perfect example: a recent New York Times story headed “Wielding Claims of ‘Fake News’ Conservatives take aim at mainstream media“.

But to truly understand what James is getting at, you should all run straight out and buy a copy of Vox Day's "Social Justice Warriors Always Lie." That book isn't a rant, it's a survival guide. The social justice monsters are coming to an HR department near you. HR department's love them because it increases the internal political importance of the HR department. It vests them with enormous power that can be wielded very arbitrarily, and what mid-wit HR staffer doesn't love to finally do that to the guys who "think they're so big" just because they make all the money that the entire company runs on?

I'm not kidding. Go buy a copy of Vox's book. Read it. Know it. And never, ever, even think about apologizing.

Vox's blog Vox Populi has a lot of good advice too, all taken from his participation in the Gamergate controversy. You may not know much about gamergate, but you should know this, it was the very first time a group of people, using mostly tactics from 4th generation asynchronous warfare, took on and defeated the Social Justice brigades of Twitter and the media. The Alt-Right shouldn't have a leader, for reasons he makes obvious. But clear headed and effective spokesmen are very helpful. And Vox is certainly one to watch.

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