Wednesday, January 18, 2017

- 48 Hours Left Of Obama

I heard from my brother today on Facetime. It's the first time he's cobbled the energy together since his bone marrow transplant, 45 days ago. His health continues to slowly improve, and he's even getting his sense of humor back.

He thought the Trump Thug Life Videos were hysterical, so for his sake, I dropped one down below. That's the thing that Trump gave we on the right that we weren't getting from the rest of Republicans. He didn't just fight the political fight, he fought in the culture war too. He called out our lazy media for being in the tank for the left, and he wasn't afraid of them. Not even a little. And that's what these Thug Life Videos are really about. There will be no apologies, not for at least 4 years.

We know you crybabies on the left don't like it - you preferred the right when you could just bully us. Well there is a new 'badass' boss in town assholes, and with this one... there are Zero Fucks Given.

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