Tuesday, January 31, 2017

- Another Day, Another Death Threat

Well it's Tuesday, which means it's time for another high profile person to call for the assassination of the sitting President of the United States. Today it's Ted KornBlum, CEO of Magnatone, a musical equipment company. But it's not just Tuesdays. We're on the seventh working day of the Trump Presidency and a sizable chunk of the Entertainment industry has called for him to be killed.

It kind of makes me wonder when the first of the bullet will fly. Most liberals are cowards, of course. But all these people can basically be thought of as imploring their more mentally ill progressive brethren to get out there and shoot the guy. And I wonder what would happen if he were actually killed. I'm not wishing anything of the sort, quite the contrary. But if he were killed and Mike Pence took over, would we see even half of the changes we were promised under Trump?

In that respect, the right may be more at risk than ever. We've never had a "key man" issue on the right, because if there ever were any changes being made, they were all coming from the party who was pushing them gently behind the scenes. But if Trump were to be harmed, then the brakes would go on pretty instantly.

when the dust settles the left may never win another election, but they probably wouldn't have to. The Republicans would step back in as the less ambitious advocates of the generalized morality of the left. #Nevertrumpers would again populate the seats of power, and the Alt-Right would be chased rom the field in a political pincing maneuver.

for this reason, I hope the FBI and the Secret Service are taking all these casually offered threats very seriously, and trying to determine who is and who isn't in the ANTIFA. the Alt Right only endorses violence in self defense, which is the right of every American. But the left are happy to endorse proactive violence. So they are the obvious real threat.

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Muzzlethemuz said...

This is the scenario that gives me nightmares. If we lose Trump this whole revolution stops. And that's no understatement, we are living through a political revolution. Which is good because in short order California, NY, and Mass may be giving us a civil war. I would delight in seeing the state legislature from these states go to federal prison, for starters...