Tuesday, January 17, 2017

- Black Man (Rudely) Confronts Race Traitor

Some small amount of swearing - about as much as you'd expect. Listen to it very quietly if you're at work.

I have a few reactions to this. First and foremost, my indifference regarding the romantic life of anyone other than myself is absolute. For my part people can become involved with whomever they choose and in whatever manner they choose, ‘consenting adults’ disclaimer added here. I just don’t want them to be an example of a tiny fraction of the population and simultaneously be trying to dictate to me what I’m supposed to think ‘normal’ is. I am not historically illiterate. I already know what ‘normal’ is, thank you.

So with the aforementioned indifference taken into account, my first reaction to the video above is how stupid black men can be. Not the guy sitting with the girl, he seemed to handle the whole thing with civility; if anything he might have been just a bit too civil. I mean the guy with the camera and asking the questions. He is demonstrating himself as rude, stupid and offering an opinion that he will be branded a heretic for uttering. If he wanted to apply social pressure and was willing to be rude to do it, so be it. But only an imbecile would tape the interaction and post it online.

That’s what’s happening here. It’s a man applying social pressure to a member of his community, albeit very rudely. Since rudeness is one of the standards I’ve come to expect from America’s ‘black community’ I think that’s much less problematic than some other things. If he decided to kill the guy for race betrayal or to beat him in the street, That would be something I’d object to in it’s own right, for any reason. And just violating my personal standard of good manners, seems a more or less forgivable sin.

So now let’s talk about the issue of race mixing.

In my opinion, one of the most serious social problems America will have in the next 20 years is going to be all those never married, childless women who are past childbearing age and must find a way to content themselves with a lonely life, surrounded by cats or small dogs.

There are tons of them in the Hillary Archipelago – far more than I ever imagined. And their life will make them so desperately lonely that it will cause fairly severe mental health issues. I don’t think there is a parallel experience for men. Once they pass the age when they easily attract male attention and can no longer have children, their lives are as empty as can be, and a job will never be fulfilling for them in a way that it is for men. They are America’s truly lost souls.

So if this woman, having reached a certain age, decides that she’d rather be married to a black man than be alone, I have no objection. I’m sure the fact that the bottom quartile of white men now behave very much like black men, complicates things for her considerably. But we need to remember that most black men are not the violent criminals we abhor, and that represent the biggest cost to society. If she met this man at church or something, and he’s a hard working and pious man who is kind to her and to others, I’m not inclined to object to it. Clearly he has at least a little self control, and I think that bodes well for him.

My second reaction is that this guy with the camera, the rude one, should be thought of as a triumph for Feminism and the mainstream media that embraces and supports Feminism utterly. White men are the most universally desirable men on the planet, as are white and Asian women. But Feminist want to end all that and are prepared to characterize white men as ‘less than human’ monsters and rapists to make that happen. They aren’t of course. But it only follows that if white men are monsters then their mothers and sisters must be something ‘less than human’ as well. This man has embraced Feminism’s view of the world completely, and is only drawing logical conclusions from the positions they promote.

This probably isn’t what Feminists were thinking when they were promoting Grrl power, but thinking things through isn’t Feminists strong suit.

This is also, at some level of remove, the fault of Bill Clinton, who very publicly instructed us that the definition of the word “IS” is subject to individual revision. I’m not up on the latest facts surrounding human biodiversity but my understanding of the broad brush strokes is that while Northern Europeans and Asian each possess about 3% of the Neanderthal genome, sub Saharan Africans do not. From this it could be rationally argued, again from a certain perspective and assuming my understanding is correct, that Whites and Asians are not exclusively “human”. I don’t think that’s the argument this man is making specifically, but from a certain academic remove, what he says isn’t exclusively incorrect.

What this very rude black man seems to be saying though, is that to him, white people are less than human in the way that the Nazis thought the Jews were less than human. It’s a social characterization as a ‘subhuman monster’ capable of only evil, rather than one based on the hard science. This would be more in keeping with the position of the NYTimes Editorial Board and Feminism, and less about genetics. But as Bill said, it really depends on your individual and totally subjective definition of the word “IS”. Is that girl a “human”? If my understanding is correct, then at most she’s something like 97%. But this guy's view is one of illiterate delusion - just like Feminism.

So what do I actually think of ‘race mixing’?

I don’t think it’s really much a problem for the broader society. Because of self-segregation, I think it will remain an issue which really isn’t as common place as any of it’s opponents fear. It will be an ‘abnormal’ occurrence, and as such I don’t think it warrants much worry. A percentage of the most in demand white men will marry Asian women. A percentage of the least in demand white women will many black, Latin, or Asian men. But I think it will always be on the margins, so there’s no need to fret much.

On a more personal side, I date outside my race, and if my daughter dates outside her race, so long as the individual in question is close to her SMV level, I don’t see myself objecting too strenuously. Her coming home from College with a nice Jewish or Asian boy with a good work ethic and high IQ isn’t my worst nightmare. A Latin boy from the top levels of Latin American society wouldn’t worry me much either.

A black boy? Someone like - political opinions notwithstanding - Obama? I confess that’s tricky and I’d need a lot more in the way of personal assurance from him before I approve. When you can directly trace your family tree back 900 years to Henry II and the killing of Thomas More, you tend to take a very long view of family issues. And I’d hate for my descendants to have to deal with a global culture that looks down on sub Saharan Africans in general – for all the reasons you only need to look at Sub Saharan Africa to see.

But with all that said, not all women are as intelligent, as attractive, and have as many future options as my daughter. If a woman is less attractive, or is old enough so her options are diminishing, I see no real reason to worry over it. Imagine an elderly white woman, maybe your mother or grandmother, meeting a black man in the retirement community who treats her well, interrupts her loneliness, and makes her happy. Who could object? Certainly not me. Once childbearing is no longer an option, what’s the harm in dating another race so long as the person from that race embraces the cultural standards you expect from anyone else?

Like the vast majority of accused racists, I don’t really care about race. I certainly don’t care about it as much as the people doing the accusing, who as we all well know, think of almost nothing else. I wish we’d quit pretending that facts are feelings and feelings are facts when it comes to race, and begin setting our policies accordingly. But beyond that it’s not the kind of thing I’ll lose sleep over. Maybe I’d feel differently if I lived in Europe, which now looks to be beyond the point of saving. But here in America, I think we have one last chance to retain our definition of ‘normal’.

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MikeCLT said...

I would be very reluctant to have my daughter marry a black man. Or my son marry a black women regardless of their level of achievement.

My grandkids would identify as black and would probably be subsumed in the utter diisfunction of black society. They would likely be lost to me.