Thursday, January 5, 2017

- #BLMKidnapping = Race War


Here is a copy of the full video, swearing, and all. It might not last long. They carefully recorded evidence of having partially 'scalped' the man.


I'm sure you've seen the video - originally live streamed on facebook. Youtube has censored it, but I doubt it will stay under wraps. These idiots live streamed their crime and showed their faces. And there is too much push back from the right to let this one be shoved under the rug.

Though the MSM is happy to call 3,000 unverified accounts of some guy insulting a girl in Hijab (the overwhelming majority of which turned out to be a lie) as a hate crime, the video evidence isn't enough in this case to convince them that this incident rises to that level. The double standard has been obvious for a long time, but this is pretty outrageous.

I don't know how the MSM is going to manage to bury this. They want it crammed down the memory hole before anyone finds about it, but that ship has sailed. The only media question now is, how much of your credibility are you prepared to throw on the fire, in order to keep people from seeing this.

I think this event is the perfect offset for the end of the Obama years and the beginning of the social justice wars, which are only really just getting started. That war will, of course, be started by blacks. In their minds, they will be rebelling against the tyranny that has kept them from success because of the color of their skin. In reality they will be attacking a decent and civilized people who have spent much in both lives and treasure to see them treated as decently as anyone in history ever has been, and it's their low IQ and lack of self control that has kept them from success.

Vox has a great piece on this here, but it might be a bit much for some of you. In order to appreciate it, you need to recognize first that when assessing the result of a thing, how you feel about how admirable its goals were at it's outset should be totally irrelevant. His piece attacks one of the cornerstones of liberal principle in America, and describes it in the cold hard light of the Alt-right. If you think the Alt-right really is about hate in spite of their frequent denials, then you won't be able to handle it. Please try to remember that it's the truth that is the core of all virtue. The "actual" truth, not the one you've convinced yourself of.

There will be the usual platitudes from liberal mouthpieces about this incident. How it's just a one off, and that the people involved will be prosecuted. But the simple fact remains. A meaningful portion of black America despises white America, and assumes all evidence to the contrary, that whites despise them in return. That view has been validated by 50 years of liberal appeasement, and a decade of hyper-partisanship in the government leadership that supports them and their view. They've been told that their poverty, crime, and social collapse is the fault of predatory whites, and they believe it. But white people aren't responsible for the state of black America. They did that all to themselves.

The left just wanted them angry enough to get their votes, but they've let go of the tiger. And now we have a disorganized, confused, and poorly managed race war on our hands.


MikeCLT said...

Appalling. I wonder if Obama will address it in his Chicago speech? Probably, and then the MSM will give him and themselves a pass like they did with the Rev Wright speech.

In two weeks it will be recast as all the fault of white people for 400 years of oppression.

Journalists are scum.

Stephen Paul Foster said...

We have submitted to moral blackmail for 60 years. Time to end it.

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

It is a race war.. but only one side is fighting. The other side for the most part, pretends the war doesn't exist. Or the violence is the result of "institutional racism" or some other silly nonsensical reason.