Tuesday, January 31, 2017

- Bullet Officially Dodged

... actually, it was lots of little bullets. Neil Gorsuch nominated as Trump's SCOTUS pick.

To all my brethren in the Hillary archipelago, I don't think you fully appreciate how close we came to an actual civil war. After all the drama with Obama's aborted supreme court pick, I don't think she would have nominated a centrist jurist, but would have swung for the fences and nominated a hyper liberal jurist to draw in the Sanders base. If she had done so, and that jurist had come down on the side of severe gun restriction, we'd have had a country where the law said that guns must be surrendered, and 100 million of it's citizens would have out and out refused to do so. The end would not have been pretty.

Congratulations to nominee Gorsuch. And nuclear options notwithstanding, congrats to the rest of America as well.


TimH said...

If the Donald does nothing else for four years I consider my vote justified. Somehow, though, I expect he's just getting started.

Muzzlethemuz said...

The civil war may right around the corner. Keep an eye on California. If they declare themselves a "sanctuary state" we need to see federal troops move into Sacramento. The civil unrest, public protest and disobedience that would result from such a scenario could be unprecedented in American history. Putting Moon Beam and his cronies in handcuffs is no big deal but Oakland, LA, SF, that would be a trick. I have some ideas but they would not be readily adopted as Standard Operating Guidelines by any PD or military unit that I am aware of. A response utilizing Rules of Engagement might better describe what I have in mind.

Stephen Paul Foster said...

The left hates guns and legal gun owners because guns affirm independence. And the left thrives on enforced dependency.
See: http://fosterspeak.blogspot.com/2015/08/why-left-hates-guns_2.html

ikaika said...

The multiple fronts that the left has chosen to engage will fragment them. Nancy Pelosi got owned by Mitch McConnell re: scotus pick. Mitch was asked by the press to comment on Crazy Nancy's words. I think he said something like "this will be handled by the SENATE".