Wednesday, January 11, 2017

- Conservative Are More Attractive

This is interesting, though it's something I kind of intuitively knew - conservatives are better looking than Liberals:

The researchers also offer a more general psychological explanation for the trend: That good-looking people are often treated better than others, and thus see the world as a more just place. Past studies have found that the more attractive people believe themselves to be, the lower their preference for egalitarianism, a value typically associated with the political left.

The piece itself is carefully wrapped in politically correct nonsense. But it's easy to see past it. Though I do have a minor quibble. I don't think it should specifically say that conservatives are 'better looking' when in fact what they actually are is 'more attractive'. The two aren't necessarily the same. True, for men's idea of attractive, looks do make up the lion's share of attractiveness. but women find a wide variety of things 'attractive' in men, not just better looks.

This of course, supports the Heartiste's view that your success in the sexual marketplace dictates everything about your politics. A fat, unattractive woman like Lena Dunham wants to be liberal and to overturn men's oppressive ideas of beauty because the idea that men have today isn't doing her any good. Unnatractive men feel the same way for the same internal reasons, even if they're MO is just trying to Beta their way up close to the women, in the hope of sneaking in a shag.

This goes further too, and ignores issues like race. The most "attractive" (which is to say in demand) women globally are white and asian women, followed by latinas, and then blacks. They are perceived as the most attractive regardless of level. The best looking whites and asians are perceived as better looking than the best looking latinas and blacks, and the average looking whites and asians are perceived as better looking than the average latinas and blacks etc.

And since black women get basically no attention from any white or asian man, and the average ones get attention from only the 5 and below black men, their politics skew radically to the left. That lack of attention makes them bitter and that bitterness makes their behavior even worse. This is anecdotal, but my experience is that the degree to which a black woman is fat, old and unattractive, is directly proportional to how entitled she behaves in public. Just think about the last time you were at the airport. I'm sure you've seen it.

The woman I'm dating bears a striking resemblance to Michelle Malkin. Roughly similar age, size, and looks. She's a cute little Taiwanese girl, not quite as tan as Michelle, but close. She was on the subway the other day when a low class black woman weighing in the territory of 250 lbs, migrated hew way onto her car. When the woman got off at a stop before her, she went out of her way to shove the little asian girl into another girl before stepping off the train, even though there was nothing but room.

Was there some cause? Some justification for this petty bit of anger? Was she wearing a MAGA hat, or doing anything to justify this girl's direct animosity? No. The big black behemoth was just carrying around a ton of internalized animosity toward this cute, thin, well dressed little girl who looked so much better than her. Just anger at her failure in the sexual market.

And I can't believe that someone who is that annoyed at her lot in life, wouldn't let that shape her politics as well.

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MikeCLT said...

Black people have reached the point where they demand deference. It's gone way beyond respect. Black people feel entitled to behave anyway they want in public whether it's restaurants, theaters, stores, concerts or the subway. And it will only get worse as the failure of Obama to improve their lot.

My Asian friends tell me that black women really hate Asian women. Black resentment is not always tied to racial oppression.