Tuesday, January 10, 2017

- Corey Booker's Digestion

So imagine you’re a Democrat Senator from a reliable Democrat state like Cory Booker. Your party imposed the nuclear option last term and you’re in the minority now, so you have no real power and can’t actually ‘do’ anything. You have your office and your staff, but on the ship of government, you are essentially a passenger.

Meanwhile, the last election has shown your party as an ineffectual bunch of whiners with no nationwide support. Their organization is a hollowed out shambles full of Clinton toe suckers, and even your grassroots support is so emotionally unstable that they haven’t been off their analysts couch since the election except to get another box of tissues.

But you have the press. 100% of the fawning, adoring press. No one cares what they say any more except each other, but you have future aspirations, and they if they don’t completely implode themselves between now and the next presidential election, they might be able to help make that happen.

Trump and his team are turning the town upside down, and you don’t know where all the cards will fall yet, but you are keenly aware that you’re being looked at carefully. The press is looking for you to ‘save’ them from the Raciss/Misogynist/KKK, who want to send all the ‘gays’ to the gas chamber. And even if it were all true and not just a laughable farce, you don’t have anywhere near the power required to make that happen.

You’re king of the echo chamber, and the whole world is recorded now. What you say today might be critically important in 4 or 8 years. And even though the press won’t convince the public to support you, the 4 year old tapes of you ‘speaking truth to power’ might help you down the road.

So how much do you slander a guy like Jeff Sessions, who you know full well (as much as anyone ever “knows” think in Washington) that he isn’t the monster the press wants him to be? How much Borking can you do when you’re in the minority, have no real power, and you could theoretically produce video of him speaking at a cross burning, but if it’s reported on CNN the public won’t believe it?

The guy who has the congressional Democrat antacid concession is gonna get rich, rich, rich, rich, RRRRRICH.

This is all so boring to me. All Trump’s people are gonna get confirmed. It’s settled. The only question is what kind of kabuki the Democrats can whip up in the meantime.

This is why I don’t like writing about politics so much anymore. I never cared for Kabuki theater.

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