Sunday, January 15, 2017

- Cost And Benefit

Now that we're entering a truly Trump-tastic world, It's a good idea to remind ourselves of the basics that the followers of the great high lord Barack Obama, first of his name, ignored. One of the big ones, is that for every act, there is both a cost, and a benefit.

Take the childishly simple and nearly universal example of your daily morning shower. It strips off the bacteria you collected the day before making you smell nice and vastly improving your prospects for long term survival. But it also strips the protective oils from your skin which offer a level of protection from the (deeply evil) chill winds of winter. Individual results will vary slightly, but on the whole the morning shower has done wonders for human life expectancy. More benefit than cost.

Or take the eggs I (you?) just ate for breakfast. Short term they provide protein and fats for doing repairs from the prior days machinations, but longer term they add in some microscopic way to the plaque of cholesterol lining my arteries and causing potential longer term performance problems. Again, individual results may vary, but the principle is a constant.

Liberal always believe that there can be benefits with no cost, and that there are costs which pose no benefit. That's really because of their monumental selfishness, and their inability to understand anything outside themselves. But some of the people who are 'liberal' now are just kids who never learned any different. And reminding them of the basic truths of human existence, like cause and effect, cost and benefit, may be of some benefit to us all as the world takes a turn to the Trump side.

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