Thursday, January 26, 2017

- The Election As Trading Places

What happened to Democrats on election day was identical in some respects to a market crash. They believed their political ideas were great assets, destined to be the cornerstones of a future America. And a great many Americans went along with them on the upswing, much like in a market bubble. They don’t think about politics much so they wanted to see where they would lead us. They wanted the virtue on the cheap that comes from the sound bite style platitudes of Democrat messaging.

On election day they uttered a collective “Bullshit” and “sold” on the Democrat principles. But taking a view that is making them look increasingly detached from reality, the Democrats are still acting like it never happened.

Team Clinton is still standing there like Randolph and Mortimer Duke at the end of Trading places. Trump and Steve Bannon, as Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd respectively, are exchanging their 1 dollar bet, while Hillary and Bill are screaming to “Turn those machines back on!!! Get those voters back in here!!!” and Anthony Wiener is being mutely shipped off to Africa, to be sodomized by an overly affectionate Gorilla. It's the end for them. In Wiener's case the back end.

This can’t go on of course. Politics doesn’t mark to market every day like Wall street, but it has to be ‘marked to reality’ sometime. If they ever want to win an election again, they will need to stop seeing what they want to and start seeing the actual truth. It’s inescapable. And the truth is that their basis for their entire worldview is a lie.

Democrat believe that how you describe a thing, changes the thing itself. The messaging and the words you choose, make it into something different than what it really is. Like all lawyers, they think the voters are the jury and the truth is whatever you can convince the jury to believe. But the voters aren’t the jury. They’re the market. And markets don’t believe falsehoods forever.

In the market, there is the truth, and the story you tell about the truth. If you tell a convincing story people will believe it for a while. Particularly if it’s a story about the future, which no one can ever see with full clarity. But as the future becomes the present, and reality begins to deviate from your imaginary story, people begin to doubt it and you.

That’s happened now to the Democrat worldview. And everyone knows it but the Democrats.

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