Friday, January 13, 2017

- the End of Wet-Foot, Dry-Foot for Cuban Assylum Seekers

I remember when the raft (pictured above) landed on our beach. I always thought the asylum policy was wrong-headed in that it encouraged desperate Cubans (and Haitians) to concoct plans to escape the island prison. We don't know how many people died making the crossing, but we do know that there is high mortality in the rafters that have been discovered by Coast Guard or on arrivals.
I have mixed feelings about the recent news, but one thing is sure: whatever Obama does is for political reasons. Is Obama doing this to reward Raoul Castro? Is this a bizarre way of punishing Cuban refugees in South Florida for embracing Republicans? I won't be surprised if a leftist Hollywood dolt or someone like Bono blames this on Trump... just because or something...
The recent Cuban immigrants are largely apolitical but given the chance they will vote Left. The exiled Cubans and their 1st Generation offspring maintained anti-Castro voting tendencies. The 2nd and 3rd generation Cuban-Americans are leaning Left because of indoctrination through education. Abuela and Abuelo or Tia and Tio are not around to tell them the truth about Castro and Che Guevara. 
Side note about Hollyweird and Elitist leftist dolts: I was offered U2 tickets. I don't care how good "the show" is supposed to be. After Bono embarrassed himself with the remarks that the parents of Terrorists mourn their children (after Bataclan.. and he said this in France) I won't even take a free ticket to their shows. Lefty Rock Stars are all Beta Cucks. In their bizarre world they are protesting Trump by punishing their fans (and losing revenues)... for no sane reason.

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