Tuesday, January 24, 2017

- Fascists Threaten Woman For Breaking Glass Ceiling

Oh wait. With all the psychological projection being tossed around I'm getting confused. Maybe I've gotten my narrative wrong in the title:

President Trump’s adviser Kellyanne Conway is getting Secret Service protection after receiving suspicious “white substances” at her home, she revealed in a TV interview.

The White House counselor — Trump’s most visible adviser — is being protected by the same agency tasked with his security after receiving the threats, Conway told Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

Oh right... I get it. Love Trumps Hate... but... But Trump Hate Trumps Love, and ... Oh jeez... how do you keep any of this straight these days? Let me try again. Hate Trumps Trump Love, but Trump Hate Trumps Love, and Love Trumps Hate? Does that sound right? Is there a shrink around? Let me ask psychology today:

For people with a larger amygdala, these messages have a disproportional impact in arousing fear. Fear, once activated, tends to hijack our higher order cortical functioning, the rational, thinking part of our brain. Therefore, by stoking the fear center, many Americans reverted to Maslow’s second level on the hierarchy. In a heightened state of fear, people don’t care about shattering glass ceilings, civil rights, climate change or even ‘love thy neighbor.’ They care about their immediate need for safety and security. They will revert to their basic animal instinct to survive and will, in effect, chew off their own arm (or vote against their own true self-interest) to do so.

OK, I get it now. Because these liberals are terrified of the monster under their bed with a can of Zyklon B, it's perfectly OK to threaten, assault and and even murder - so long as the person you are threatening is someone who scares you. Is that it?

So it's really, Fear (irrational or otherwise) Trump Love. Got it. I'll try and keep it straight for next time.

And at least we now know why Liberals are all saying such idiotic things that are directly contradictory to their core arguments.

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