Thursday, January 19, 2017

- A Final Note To Obama Supporters

With any luck this is my very last post during the long dark march through the ID of America that was the Obama administration. He seems like a nice, emasculated guy President Obama. He and I might get along if we didn't discuss politics or sports. It's really a shame he was so unfathomably arrogant. He's made it much harder on all of us in the process. and it's the supporters of Obama who I have the really big beef with anyway.

To all you Obama supporters out there, I'd like to paraphrase a famous quote you probably imagine was uttered by Thomas Jefferson. It wasn't.

"A Government big enough to give everything they want to anyone who 'feels oppressed', is big enough to take it all away the minute a new leader is elected to it."

You people never really understood. You don't change America by ignoring the people and changing the law anyway. You only motivate (and piss off) the people that never agreed with you with you in the first place. Go fuck yourselves snowflakes.

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Stephen Paul Foster said...

Yes, what a wonderful feeling to be done with Obama and his insufferable arrogance and monstrous ego. And, pause for a moment and think of the horror you would be feeling if Hillary had won.