Monday, January 30, 2017

- Gersh Kuntzman Is Back... as a Psychologist

The man who was driven to a psychotic episode by the horror of firing an AR-15 toward a piece of Paper, Gersh Kuntzman, is back. This time, instead of being an expert if firearms, he's an expert in Psychology, and he has diagnosed President Trump fro a discreet distance:

The fuzzy outlines of President Trump's likely mental illness came into sharper focus this week: in two interviews with major networks, he revealed paranoia and delusion; he quadruple-downed on his fabrication that millions of people voted illegally, which demonstrated he is disconnected from reality itself; his petulant trade war with Mexico reveals that he values self-image even over national interest; his fixation with inaugural crowd size reveals a childish need for attention.

The problem here is that liberals believe that the conclusion must be used to derive supporting data, instead of data being used to generate conclusions. Illegal voting? Studies say yes, studies say no, it's at least an open question worthy of inquiry. Trade War with Mexico? Renegotiating a treat is hardly a "Trade War", I suspect Gersh can't tell the difference sue to his paranoia and delusion. Fixation with inaugural crowd size? OK, this one seems stupid to me. But Trumps logic is sound even if it's in error. He makes the claim that more people road the public transit system during his inauguration than Obama's, and that verifiably true. but since no one who LIVES in DC voted for Trump and 99% of them did vote for Obama, it only makes sense that they would have attended in 2012, and not attended in 2016.

Trump seems pretty clearly wrong on this objectively, but it seems more legitimate error than open defiance of reality. And in the meantime we have laughingstocks like Gersh to remind us that he still thinks it's a big issue too.

This guy (loosely used term) is a joke. An obvious, delusional, partisan hack that is a stellar reflection of how out of touch New Yorkers are, and how deep into hysterical delusion the liberal media is prepared to go.

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