Sunday, January 8, 2017

- A Gun In Legally Checked Baggage

Thank god for Breitbart, calling the Brady campaign out on this wild distortion of the facts:

In fact, the process for traveling with a gun is to unload the weapon, put it in an airline approved container, lock the container, and declare the weapon when checking in for your flight. The airline ticket counter representative then takes the locked container and you are not near the gun again until you get your luggage at your destination.

Yet the Brady Campaign, in an apparent attempt to spin the reality of another shooting in a gun-free zone, is telling their Twitter followers that you “can carry a gun and ammo in a checked bag” when you fly

And one thing the Breitbart piece doesn't mention is that if you have an accidental layover on your way to Africa or Alaska, and get stuck in one of the NYC or NJ airports over night, when you return from your hotel to the airport, you will be arrested by local police for not having the appropriate local documentation for ownership of a firearm. Even if the weapon was legally purchased, is legally owned, and the person has all their required documentation from their home state to prove that. Even if the firearm in question was left in the custody of the airline, and you are only reclaiming momentarily while at the airport, in order to recheck it into security for your next flight. That momentary lapse, will see you charged, and likely convicted of Felony possession of an illegal firearm, which comes in both NY and NJ, with a hefty fine and a minimum prison sentence.

Cases of people being arrested with handguns, long guns and shotguns who are caught in this unfortunate circumstance, have populated the local press over the last few years. And if convicted, of course, you will then lose the right to own a firearm in your home state, as a convicted felon.

But this is probably just one of those subtle differences between "social Justice" and actual Justice. If an innocent and perfectly law abiding citizen has to go to jail in order to disarm one of those inherently violent, socially irresponsible gun owners, then it's a small price to pay. Because... Racism.

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