Wednesday, January 4, 2017

- Guns In A Multi-Cultural Society

Lately I've enjoyed watching Tucker Carlson mount dogmatically liberal heads on his wall. The more dogmatic and "social justice" centered they are, the more fun it is. He does considerably less well in this piece, where he's talking to a Gun Control Advocate who seems to actually know at least a little about guns. But it raises an interesting question that I think we should talk about.

So my question is this. Maybe the gun control guy has a point. Maybe in a multi-cultural society, which by definition has many different cultures, and therefore represents varying behavior between those different groups, a single law can actually have a different impact on those varied groups? What if more guns = less crime for white people (and therefore America over all) but more guns = more crime among black people, because they have a different appreciation of what guns are for?

Now obviously I don't think we should penalize the (lately much more thin) majority of Americans in order to make things easier on the minority. I have no intention of surrendering either my right to self defense, or the guns I use to ensure that right, nor compelling anyone else to do so. I'm much more in favor of expecting black americans to act as civilized with their guns as white Americans. And I don't support special laws that only apply to black Americans. They are American citizens after all, and are entitled to the same rights as any other citizen.

Skin color can not be changed, but behavior very much can. With the right incentives people will change their behavior (to the degree they are capable) and just laws will over time, help facilitate that change.

But how closely the conversation between Tucker and Mr. Gun Ban became one of race, raises an interesting question. Maybe we're almost ready to start recognizing that being black (or rather, behaving according to the norms of black culture) simply isn't as objectively 'good' as being (or behaving) white. This is the kind of thing we talk about frankly in Alt-Right circles, and have reams of data to back that position up. Data that has nothing to do with how people may or may not feel about skin color. Data which looks exclusively at the behavior of different groups, and tries to determine which groups are behaving in ways leading to their prosperity and which groups are not.

But to date, no one in the mainstream media has dared actually turn over that rock of political discourse. And maybe that time is almost upon us. If someone like tucker were to say that "behaving the way that they do in the black community with guns looks like it is objectively worse for black Americans, than the way white people behave with their guns", do you think this gun control advocate would have blown up into a social justice tantrum? I don't think so. He comes perilously close to actually saying so himself.

All this makes me think that there might be some worthy conversations to have after all, in the wreckage of Democrat party.

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