Monday, January 23, 2017

- How To Make More (American) Babies

I fully support this solution. I don't care that it was German.

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Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

Anyone who is not legally married, on any form of public assistance (currently or in the past seven years), or lacking in any personal assets (property, IRA, 401k, or some other longer term investment) must be ineligible. If not, then the parasite class will breed even faster.

Over at the Roosh forum I was involved in a discussion of the cost of having kids. Some of the younger guys were lamenting people not having children as they want to maintain a high end lifestyle.

Myself and some of the other older guys pointed out the cost of food, clothes, strollers isn't the expensive part (the latter you can get cheap by buying used). The one major stumbling cost is education: Either paying for private school or paying the cost of moving into a neighborhood with "good schools".

Before I was born, my parents were forced to move from a house and town my Mom loved to one she didn't. Why? My Sister (grade school age at the time) was being beaten and mugged daily for the crime of being White. Frankly, the "good schools" weren't all that great either, but at least myself and my siblings weren't being physically assaulted.

With a son (hoping all goes well.. still more tests to be done) incoming, I have been doing my duties of figuring out how to pay for it all. Moving is not an option (I'll leave out the details why) and my son will never set foot in the urban public school system here. We have charter schools, one or two of which are good, but there are 1,000+ applicants every year for maybe two dozen openings (chosen by lottery). Private school? I have a Catholic school near me, but neither my wife nor I are Christian. Secular private... $16k to $25k a year for just kindergarten. How the hell did school get so friggin expensive?

Figuring out how to pay for education (we are planning for three children) and saving for retirement; the numbers are quite daunting, even though I bring home a decent paycheck.