Thursday, January 19, 2017

- Imagined Problems, Real Pain

Imagine you’re one of those liberals who believes every word they write in Slate.

You really care about social justice and hate the inhuman monsters who oppose it with the fire of 1,000 white hot suns. You really, REALLY care about racism and you hate the white racist inhuman monsters who oppose that. You really, really, really care about Feminism and you hate the male rapist evil inhuman monsters who oppose that. Every box checked. Every thought which might let someone from the left believe you disagree with them, thoroughly and completely purged from your world view.

When Obama was elected you were ecstatic. Here, FINALLY was someone who would use the power of government to make those idiot redneck inhuman monsters finally see what assholes they really are. Here was someone who was going to make everything right for all the oppressed people that you’ve been cheering for your whole life. Here was a smart, BLACK, President who would do whatever he had to in order to tip the scales of justice in favor of groups you think needed it, and away from the white, male, racist inhuman monsters who until now, have been beating you their whole life with their unfair rules.

But today, you’ve awoken to a nightmare. Instead of learning their lesson and caring about what the government told them to, the white racist, rapist, evil inhuman monsters have elected one of their own to the Presidency. But it’s even worse than that. Now, every time someone in the media tries to remind them of what evil inhuman monsters they are for not supporting leftist causes they get shouted down. Instead of politely keeping quiet like conservatives used to do, they’re everywhere. And they won’t shut up with their racist, sexist, trans-phobic, islamo-phobic hatred. they don't believe in Love like leftists, they're all about HATE, HATE, HATE! And that's the perfectly justifiable reason that you hate them.

They aren’t even ashamed of it anymore. They think that just because they feel the way they do that makes it OK, but THEY’RE THE WRONG FEELINGS! It makes you just want to lock yourself in the closet and cry. It’s like a whole great, beautiful world has come crashing down around your head. It’s literally like the end of the world. Even the comments section at Slate is full of people who won’t quit it.

I don’t know if Trump is going to be a good President, and god knows untangling this mess without it all blowing up in our faces is going to take a good one. I honestly don’t know if he can pull it off. But it’s always that way with a big change of direction. If I’m surprised it will only be to the up side.

If we do slip off the edge of the cliff, I can’t say it would be worth it. But I do know that I’ll feel better thanks to the effect his election had on the millions of actors, media people and baristas that feel the way I related above. They don't deserve run the cappuccino machine, let alone the government of a free nation. And today, and especially tomorrow, I will the thanking a just universe for their misery. Hopefully they learn something from it.

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Stephen Paul Foster said...

Whoever wrote this psychotic Slate piece more than likely had a degree from an elite American university, probably even an advanced degree. Our universities are the most corrupt and unaccountable institutions we have.