Wednesday, January 4, 2017

- The Inauguration

The tradition is that all living Presidents attend the Inauguration ceremony to witness the peaceful transfer of power. All our current living Presidents have been extended invitations and have accepted, with the exception of of George HW Bush, who has cited health concerns for both himself and his wife Barbara. Personally, I think we cut old George some slack. However he may have misread the political winds during his presidency, the man was shot down by the Japanese during WW2, was President during the fall of the Berlin Wall, and has done more than his fair share to assure that his place in history will be a viewed as a positive one. I'm completely convinced he isn't just thumbing his nose here. That's not really the white shoe way.

We all tend to think this is just pomp and government waste, and maybe there is a little of that involved. But the peaceful transfer of power is something that most countries have failed to do at some point. In many, they never seem to manage. We should all be proud we pull it off.

I don't know that there has ever been a less civil election than the one we just had, but keeping our guns in our holsters while Trump is ceded authority is something we should be pleased about. Even in California no one is arming up and preparing to overthrow the tyrant.

I talk a lot about the usefulness of violence, mostly because I know that if you talk frankly about it, it's less likely to be necessary. The world is filled with cowards and few are truly prepared to fight for principle. Since that's so, I like to use that to maximum advantage. But that shouldn't mean that I don't appreciate the absence of violence. Making a deal is better than duking it out, in virtually all circumstances. I know that from small scale experience.

So we should all be pleased that the Clinton's, reprehensible scum that they are, and Jimmy Carter, as well as GWB will all be in attendance and that power will cede to Trump peacefully. Jimmy has the most reason to celebrate, as he will no longer be seen as the worst living ex-President. But we should all really be celebrating that it didn't have to come to something worse.

That may not always be the case in the future.

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TimH said...

GHW & Barb have in recent public appearances not looked like they could survive an entire inauguration ceremony without some embarrassing (or tragic) thing happening. They've earned their rest.