Monday, January 30, 2017

- ISIS and Democrats: Perfect Together

ISIS supporters have expressed their feelings on Trump refugee ban, and what a surprise - it's exactly the same position as the Democrats. They might as well be out there protesting at Kennedy airport. In fact, they probably are. Up to now ISIS has claimed that it's sten thousands of fighters into the European Union using the refugee program, so it's not completely crazy to think they've sent at least a few in through ours.

And yet, 100% of the media reports I read all say that we should be operating from a position of weakness. that we should let ISIS fighters come to this country, otherwise they might hate us. Screw that. And screw ISIS. They don't care if we hate them. They hate us all the same whether we are weak compliant supplicants or bold defiant enemies. But only one of those makes us a problem for them, and that's the one I support.

President Trump (who I'm feeling more supportive of every time the guy picks up a pen) is never going to go on an apology tour. He's never going to bow. He's going out there, head held high, as the most powerful man in the world and leader of both the worlds largest employer, and the Commander in Chief of the world's largest Army. I can easily imagine him using that old line, "You know what has two thumbs and doesn't have to get on his knees for anyone? This guy."

And that means you too Mainstream media. You bunch of worthless sacks of cowardly bile. I hope you all contract painful debilitating diseases, and suffer and die of them alone. You are truly despicable people, incapable of acting like men. cowards. Every last one of you is a worthless, rancid coward.

I'd say worse, but I've already peeved off the NSA once today.

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