Thursday, January 12, 2017

- Just Because We're Paranoid....

You can’t talk about the “Deep State” without sounding like a paranoid nutjob. I first read the term, I think, about 2 years ago on Freerepublic, and ignored it. Freerepublic has a ton of people who, while basically good intentioned and love their country, still have some deep misunderstandings about how the world really works. I spent some time at first trying to educate them on finance, economics, and the markets, but it's no use. Over the years I've just tuned them out.

But as much as I hate the term "Deep State" (and how crazy it makes me sound) I think it’s something we should be discussing. Ace has the most cogent explanation of it here:

The "deep state" is a term borrowed from the Turks, who used it to describe the permanent government embedded within the bureaucracy and military that wields power no matter who is nominally the President.

This is all about the Fake Dossier on Trump in Russia, and the way CNN and Buzzfeed have promoted it as “truthy”. Ace links a first rate analysis by Glen Greenwald in his piece. But you should read through Ace’s assessment first. The story Ace is telling in that post rings true to me. It’s got just the right amount of fact, anecdote, and logic.

So what conclusions can we draw from this? I’m not sure it isn’t anything that I haven’t said a million times before. But it does remind me that we got incredibly lucky when we elected a low brow professional wrestling personality, who also happens to run a billion dollar real estate enterprise. Washington is broken, really, desperately badly. And only someone who was beholden to absolutely no-one like Trump is, could ever hope to try to take it all apart.

His … volatility?... no … unpredictability? Up to now that seemed to me to be more of a problem for him than a help. Now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t feel differently about it. It might be the only thing that makes it possible for him to do what needs doing. They won’t see him coming.

It all reminds me of a not terrible movie from the 70’s starring Robert Redford, called Brubaker. The story is a slightly fictionalized take on the real life experience of Tom Morton, hired to clean up the Arkansas Prison Farm system in 1968. From the Wikipedia page on Murton:

In early February 1968, Murton ordered excavations on the grounds of the Cummins prison farm. Three bodies were uncovered before the excavation was halted, although 15 to 25 depressions were clearly visible. Murton's inmate informant told him that as many as 200 bodies had been buried there; also, the number of prisoners listed as "escapees" since 1915 was reported as "more than 200".

According to the informant, Reuben Johnson, most of the men had been killed after refusing extortion demands from the "trusty" guards. Their deaths were either falsely recorded as successful escapes, or recorded as deaths, but under false pretenses. Johnson, a lifer, gave details of murders and burials on the prison grounds dating back for decades, including a mass murder of about 20 inmates around Labor Day of 1940. Johnson was backed up by at least one other inmate, James Wilson. Wilson also asserted that returning escapees were routinely murdered.

In this analogy, the prison is America, the establishment is the establishment, the ‘trustee’ prisoners are the press, and we Americans are the prisoners.

Again, from the Murton Wikipedia page:

Murton's agitation eventually disrupted the Rockefeller administration to the extent that not only was he fired two months after the bodies were exhumed, he was told he had twenty-four hours to get out of the state, or be arrested for grave-robbing—a charge with a sentence of twenty-one years, under Arkansas law at that time.

Call me crazy, but I get the distinct feeling that right now, in some bureaucratic rabbit warren somewhere in DC, someone is trying to figure out how to do the same to Trump. OK, the analogy may be a little extreme. I don't want to seem completely nuts here. But at this point I think it would be impossible to understate how much the Trump presidency is seen as an existential threat for all those people in Washington who believe that they are there because they're 'entitled to rule'. And I do believe that this description applies to much more then team Clinton.

As an organization grows, it’s average IQ falls. That’s just math. And before you take any comfort in that – thinking that it will actually help Trump - you need to remember, that the same people who pulled this ridiculous ‘dossier’ nonsense are running the CIA, the FBI, and the Treasury department. And we’re in the middle of bubble in Treasury Debt, where everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING...that is NOT an exaggeration) depends on the continued confidence of the markets on how the debt will be treated. As dumb as they are in the rabbit warrens, I hope they're smart enough to remember that.

The left is taking things awfully close to the edge here. Flailing at Trump away they can, and eroding confidence in our institutions in the process. That's very, very dangerous.


The Daily Mail isn't good for much other than the occasional glimpse of Selena Gomez's derriere. (it's lovely... I'd recommend it.) But in a world where you will NEVER get the truth from the US media, I find it helps to read the brit papers. they may lean left to my eye, but they are mostly non-partisan where American politics are concerned. So they are in my experience more 'truthy' tan their US counterparts:

The only hookers in this story are the cheap, lazy journalists who ran with fake Trump sleaze to urinate on his presidency.

%%%%%%%%%%%UPDATE 2 %%%%%%%%%%%%%

Here is Tucker Carlson talking to some doofus from Fortune Magazine whose entire defense of Buzzfeed matches precisely, the scenario that Ace Described in his piece.

OK, Last one. Watch this piece from Tucker Carlson, starting at the 35 minute mark. Draw your own conclusions:


Muzzlethemuz said...

Dead-on, again. The CIA connections are very disturbing and not unexpected. The policy scientists use the term "iron triangles," as the euphemism for sub-governments/deep state. The civil servants generally outlast their leadership. Referencing earlier posts, the FBI is more on your (our) side than you may realize. The "intelligence community" and State Department are huge problems. Trump, providing he actually assumes office (no, not that far-fetched) will need to get those agencies cleaned out as expeditiously as possible. They are a danger to all of us. I've been primed for the SHTF event for some time and at this juncture it may be inevitable, if they take Trump out. The little genie of Trump's election isn't going back in the bottle.

ikaika said...

I saw he Stephen Cohen interview prior to reading Tom's piece. What is interesting to note is that the Left in America is now completely exposed. When I was in college attending lectures by Daniel Schorr and Abbie Hoffman, the warning from these leftist icons was that "Republicans were the ones creating the shadow government!" While the Trump Genie may be out of the bottle, the scoobie doo mask has been yanked off exposing the faces the of the Leftist villains. I was in NYC recently (holidays, sorry Tom I really should have called!), and an aging hippie acquaintance (family friend) kept telling us how bad things were going to be under Trump. The wall of denial that the anti-government leftists have thrown up is incredible. After I invited this guy and his wife to visit me in Florida, they responded in Unison that because of the election they are boycotting the state of Florida. Crazy... batshit crazy! Leftists are calling for martial law and are praying for some kind of totalitarian government to arise. Welcome to the Rubicon.