Tuesday, January 17, 2017

- The "Leftover Women" Of New York

This story is a few years old, but I think it's even more useful to think about now than when it was originally aired:

If I've ever heard a phrase that should be adopted by the Alt-Right and Red Pill movement, it's this. Wander around one of the more upscale neighborhoods of Manhattan - Upper West, Upper East, The prosperous sections of the Village, and you will find COUNTLESS women who are unmarried and either past childbearing age, or passing it right now. Walk around one during the 'dog walking' hours and count wedding rings. These women are legion in our major blue cities.

Life in many respects is a lost cause for them. The combination of devoted Feminism and Female biology has betrayed them. They no longer attract men like they did in their 20's, and they'll never accept that it's their life choices which have left them in this situation. But there is still some hope for younger women who, in recent years, have begun to turn on the concept of Feminism. And for their sake, I think it would be a great thing if this term were adopted.

I think it's wrong to unnecessarily harp on America's leftover women. Their prospects for a happy and fulfilled life are gone, and their suicide rate is rising rapidly because of it. But calling them what they are doesn't seem to be unnecessarily cruel to me. It can be done with a measure of sympathy, but still create the positive social phenomenon that the Alt-Right os looking for. I'd personally love to see a 'leftover women' rescue program in New York - one that isn't necessarily run by the same horrid blue hairs whose philosophy got them in this spot in the first place.

This also undercuts one of the primary focuses of Feminism which is getting more Females into the workforce. After years of a one child policy, as they said in the story, China has 22 million excess men. There are no shortage of women there. But without the ability to produce children, the odds of which fall rapidly at age 30, and catastrophically at age 35, they simply do not command the same attention from men that they do in their youth. And as the marriage strike delays the age men marry, I can easily see a circumstance where they turn to younger women when they are more established.


TheRob625 said...

Interesting, for several, albeit unrelated, reasons.

Firstly, in Victorian England, higher levels of male mortality gave rise to what were referred to as "superfluous women". The phenomenon survived into the twentieth century because of the slaughter of the First World War.

Secondly, I'm amazed to hear there are any "leftover women" in China. I've read several articles claiming that that country's "one child" policy, plus a traditional preference for sons, gave rise to gender-specific abortions and a huge surplus of young men.

Finally, if Manhattan is full of single women in their thirties and forties, whatever happened to all the men of approximately the same age that they never married?

chris th said...

Any man of value in his 30's is now banging the mid 20's girls. Yes the ones who were invisible to those same women they we were in 20's.

Tom said...

Well the men are dating younger. You can't afford to live in Manhattan without achieving what would be called 'success' anywhere else in the country. Yes, you'll be shoehorned into an 800 sq ft shoebox and have no car, but you'll have a big number next to your name in HR salary lists. Men like that have the option of dating younger girls, and many have realized that they are treated better by an older man.

As for China, there are 22 million extra men, which makes this issue even more astounding. Embracing even a tiny portion of Feminism, women in the workplace, has basically ended the family line for them. And that's a phenomenon that means a great deal more in China than it does in the US.