Sunday, January 29, 2017

- Making Good Manners Great Again

The pushback has started. The left found a Federal judge who was happy to put a stop in place on some portions of the travel ban EO. I would expect the Trial lawyers have been making a list and checking it twice, trying to find out who can be counted on to resist the Whitehouse. But going exclusively on their behavior, this White house doesn't seem the type of guys who will just lay down and take it if they believe the outcome is right for America.

For me the best thing about the Trump travel ban is the protests. It used to be that every few days there would be another protest forming up at Washington Square park or Union Square, and marching either up or down University place to the other location. This makes it very convenient for the protesters but very inconvenient for me. Now the losers need to schlep out to Kennedy airport (a $50 dollar cab ride each way) to join the Resistance.

I'm sure with just a little careful planning team Trump can find some excuse to fill the Protesters with a desire to go rhyme and chant nonsense outside the NYTimes building (instead of working on the inside). This would be the ultimate it using the enemy's tactics against them as far as I'm concerned. Or maybe the real "Injustice" can be occurring out at the end of a train line in Riverhead NY, or someplace else far away from me. One other suggestion would be to declare the phrase "hey hey, ho ho" hate speech. Just sayin.

My last post got a bump from the guys at Ace in the "Over Night Thread" - thanks dude. But it's filled me with a desire to expound just a little more on the idea of free association.

In my mind racism (in the all encompassing way that leftist use the term) doesn't actually exist. White Americans don't hate blacks, they hate their behavior. And behavior can be changed. Tom Sowell very clearly documented that until the civil rights act was passed, blacks were discarding their social ills (unemployment, criminality, unwed parenthood, lack of education) at a rate faster than whites. [The Economics and Politics of Race - T. Sowell] You would expect this because at that point blacks still had more of it to discard. But when the voting rights act was passed the improvement that had been accelerating for decades came to an abrupt halt.

That was the moment when much went wrong in our culture, but it coincides with the arrival of the "bigotry of low expectations" that Tip O'Neill kept going on about. And when it arrived, the behavior of black America took a turn for the worse. Eventually it arrived at the Black Lies Matter movement. A radical political movement explicitly dedicated to the overthrow of the power structure, that is based entirely on fiction. In terms of cause and effect, it is exactly the same as if the Star Wars Fan base all got together and demanded that the Federal government spend Trillions on a Death Star defense system. This is not a group that is acting responsibly.

But the upshot here is that behavior is fully within our power to change. And I believe that if blacks were held to the same standard as everyone else, then that behavior would change. Completely free association would be likely to influence that process.

In the normal scale of public interactions, I don't care if you hate me so long as you're polite to me. I think most white people feel that way. Your feelings are your problem, and should in most cases be kept to yourself. And because that's so I think it would be very unusual for blacks to be excluded as customers from any private business, so long as the specific people were practicing good manners. And none of this would happen in a bubble. Those institutions that allowed blacks who qualified objectively (rather than giving preference to those who don't for disparate impact reasons) would be considered 'better' in a moral sense than those that exclude everyone. They would get good press, or at least no credible bad press. There is no good reason to exclude Tom Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson or Barak Obama from your Diner counter. There never was. I think few would do so.

But by allowing free association and removing the force of law, it would empower the business owners to to help influence the behavior of all the Michael Browns and Trayvon Martins who could very much use it.

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