Wednesday, January 11, 2017

- Making The News Objective

Jim Acosta from CNN got into a bit of a shouting match with the President Elect of the United States, and the President Elect of the United States shut him down. I'm pretty sure Trump could hear me cheering him from my place, 30 blocks away. you cannot imagine the joy I feel at seeing 'news' reporters being treated like the unapologetic scum they are. If he pulls CNN's press credentials, I'm going up there with a sign and a bullhorn, thanking him for standing by the American people.

Jim Acosta is a senior Whitehouse Correspondent, who the (future) President of the united States refuses to speak to. since he works for CNN that probably won't be a problem. Lacking actual news I'm sure he can just make up his own and no one will notice. But I can't believe the utter lack of actual first hand information isn't gonna hurt his coverage a little.

I was over at Slate today to get a few yucks, and I saw this:

I don't know what they plan on discussing at that farce, but I know one thing they won't do. And it's the thing they probably need to discuss if they want the Trump organization to feel they're being treated objectively. What they need to do, is abandon their core assumptions about the unquestioned virtue of the liberal narrative. Accept that Racism isn't the cause of black people's misfortune, that misogyny isn't why women aren't as good at some things as men, recognize that cynicism about global warming is perfectly legitimate, and that social justice and political correctness are exercises in closed mindedness, and are based on bigotry and oppression as they accuse their opponents of being.

Fat chance I know. But that's what it would take. And I think Trump is gonna get it too, because if he doesn't he'll just pull the press credentials of people unit he does.

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