Sunday, January 22, 2017

- Milo Protester Shooting Video

There's some video out there from someone in the crowd of the shooting allegedly taking place. It looks like the man in the yellow hat,

(video in this link)

is the shooter and he shot one of the group of black clad protesters who had surrounded and were assaulting him.

I think we can call this an example of narrative pre-collapse. Middle aged asian men commit some utterly small portion of America's violent crime. I'm sure it barely registers. Meanwhile the "love Trumps Hate" crowd has been setting fires and assaulting people all over the country. We should wait for all the facts before we claim to know for sure, but this looks pretty compelling.


Steve Sailer's read of the sparse data around the shooting seems to be that this was a case of dumb-lefty vs. other dumb-lefty violence. According to Steve's read, it looks like the dumb left-or was frightened by the dump left-ee's tattoo which featured a swastika in a ghostbusters red ring and crossbar - an "Anti-Nazi" tattoo. The fact that he was assaulting him at the time probably added to his fear.

Liberals, as we well know, are afraid of everything. And if you get enough frightened people in the same place, screaming, chanting, throwing stones and lighting fires, then it's only matter of time before someone puts an eye out. But I'm a little skeptical of the story as it has thus far been told.

As we have been endlessly told by the lefties themselves, Lefties are afraid of guns and believe that guns are the cause of violent crime. To possess a gun is to be a mouth breathing inbred [racist/sexist/xenophobic] troglodyte. Few lefties could handle that kind of social rejection.

And as I said before, no lefty has ever turned himself into the police for anything. The very fact that this gun toting asian did so argues VERY strongly that whatever else is being said, he isn't a leftist. It's possible that he's one of those asian guys who doesn't realize that there are only two races in America (ala Derb) and he isn't the black one. But I think it's much more likely that the spin is coming from the police and not the shooter himself.

The shooter and his friends insist that he isn't a racist (who doesn't... especially in a circumstance like this) and I can imagine a scenario where the cops prompted his view with a "Did you think he was a white supremacist when you shot him?" type of leading question. The cops probably don't know anything about Milo except the cartoon characterization of him offered in the major media, and were probably on the lookout for "Mob on White supremacist" violence.

The shooter, having not lived on Mars for the last 8 years, correctly interpreted that no group is considered less deserving of political protection (or for that matter any protection at all) than white supremacists. And with a potential gun or manslaughter charge hanging over his head, he cannily decided to get as far onto the 'right side of history" as he possibly could.

There will be facts to learn here, though whether anyone will be willing to tell them in the mainstream remains a question. He's an unlikely victim this guy, as far as the mainstream social justice narrative is concerned, but he's an unlikely perpetrator as well. Reporters won't tell the story unless they can shoehorn it into their pre-existing narrative. But they're also incredibly lazy, and if they have to work to hard to make the facts match the desired conclusions, they'll probably just ignore it.

The truth will have to be gleaned from Facebook and blog posts coming from people who are willing to go to the trouble.

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ikaika said...

I had not seen the video until now. My take: similar situation to last year when the BLM fascists turned on themselves. AntiFa is a mob looking for blood. They are self-proclaimed witch hunters. Since there are no real fascists available, they lose focus, get caught up in the "spirit" and ultimately find someone that is a little less "protesty" than they are. I believe the shooter attended the rally with similar intention as the other lefties (look for a sap with a Trump hat and beat them up, or beat some one up and say they were a fascist). AntiFa should be considered a terrorist group. They are not "Nazi-hunters" like Simon Wiesenthal. At least Wiesenthal focused his efforts entirely on individuals that were Nazis or closely associated with them. Wiesenthal didn't rely on banners, marches, slogans and gangs. This perversion is nothing more than an incarnation of international answer. The criminal investigation and trial should be revealing. I anticipate more of these bogus AntiFa marches and protests coming, especially in NYC where people cannot CnC legally. The victim and the defendant should sue AntiFa organizers for promoting mob activities and AG Sessions should throw RICO at them.
The media will stoke the fire until the George Zimmerman dummy hits the floor of the courtroom... and it is realized that the story doesn't fit the narrative. Since the Shooter is Asian and the Victim is White, there will be no marches or t-shirts of the victim in a cub scout uniform. The press might lose interest in this due to their own racial biases on the infamous victim value index.