Tuesday, January 31, 2017

- A Mistake By Central Casting

Chuck Schumer looks very Jewish. I don’t have any problem with Jews as a group, some (actually many) of my best friends … yada, yada, yada. But just because I like many Jews, doesn’t mean I’d want to look like them. And Schumer doesn’t just look like Jewish, he looks like a cartoon character of a Jew. He looks like the villain in a Victorian era play about the exploitation of the workers. He looks like Shylock from the Shakespeare play. He looks like Ebenezer Scrooge.

Now I don’t fault anyone for not having a clear idea of how others see them. I’ve had that very problem all my life, and it’s been the cause of much confusion and annoyance. But you would think that Schumer’s very considerable low cunning that he has relied upon to bring him to the top of the congressional heap over the years, would have steered him away from trying to use lines like this one: The lady in the harbor in the city in which I live holds a wonderful torch. That torch has stood for the greatness of America to all Americans and to the citizens of the world. We will not let this evil order extinguish that great torch.

Inspiring rhetoric is not what America wants from the guy central casting sent over to play the evil banker. It just doesn’t work.

Though I will say this for his statement, it’s appropriately vacuous, and is therefore perfectly suited to leftist sensibilities. It’s all sound and no substance. And since the media digested a steady diet of those empty verbal calories from President Obama for 8 straight years, and I’m pretty sure it’s all they teach in Colleges anymore, I don’t blame Chuck all that much for not realizing that those days are behind us.

Today is the day of actions, results, and consequences. Today is they day we stop caring about intents and start worrying about effects. Today is the day that the government policy is no longer about making people feel better about themselves. But Chuck never got the memo. So he's giving it a whirl all the same.

I’d have expected something more worthy of him. Maybe a comment about persecution or suffering. Jews are usually great at talking up the virtue of suffering. Of course – in order to suffer, you have to lose. And though at this point it’s totally unavoidable, Chuck still doesn’t want to lose.

I guess he’ll save the comments about suffering for the 60 Minutes piece next year about the brave Senator in the wilderness. In it, he’ll be depicted as the last brave holdout, without any real power or support, bravely standing alone and shouting “stop” against Trump’s reform of an unresponsive and self interested government.

Why don’t you stop by Lexington Ave and ask the guys at National Review how well that tactic has worked for them Chuck.

Even Obama knows this role won't work for Chuck, so he's very classily waited a full 10 days before speaking out in favor of the protesters. The same protesters who are out there punching anyone they think is a "Nazi". It used to be we were racists and misogynists, but now that's all been boiled down to Nazi. Stand against the left and you're a Nazi. Turn your back on the protesters and you're gonna get clocked for being a "Nazi". And though it's just his first statement, knowing Obama's ego, he won't be able to avoid taking charge of the resistance.

Obama is very much suited to empty rhetoric. It was his entire governing strategy. And with the left deep in the political wilderness, and without any of the legal power required to be able to stop Trump from fulfilling his campaign promises, they probably believes needs him now more than ever.

But for all that, it might be worth putting up with Obama again just to spare us the pained effort of trying to listen to Chuck Schumer struggling to play the role of Jacques Necker.

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