Monday, January 30, 2017

- More Violence From The Left's "Peaceful Protests"

I clipped this from Vox's blog. It's a mini-riot that took place at Portland airport where Anti-Trump rioters knocked out a Trump supporter then screamed "That's what you get Nazi boy" over his prone body. Over the woohoo's celebrating this man's concussion, you can hear them chanting "peaceful protest". Which is pretty clearly not what they had in mind.

I had a big argument with my daughter this weekend about political violence. I told her my feelings on the subject (I'm against it) and explained that she doesn't have to agree with me. what else can you say to a 16 year old? But I urged her to stay away from any "peaceful political protests" because someone is going to get killed, and I don't want it to be her. By far the best way to avoid being shot is to be somewhere else when the shooting starts, and I think she took my meaning.

With all that said, I'm at the point now where if I see someone with their face covered and dressed in black at a political protest, and they seem threatening to me in any way, I'm going to immediately assume that they will be attacking me the second they get out of my line of site and can blindside me. NYC is gun free, but there are non-lethal self defense options available if you're creative enough.

I intend to be creative.


No Hate - No Fear

In the full video available here, a girl who is a member of the pro-Trump protest coins what I believe to be the perfect counter chant. "No Hate, No Fear". It's a direct denial of the psychological projection that the left is trying to desperately to force onto the right - a turn of phrase that I think gets right to the issue with the leftist protests. Great little bit of communication that - I'm not at all surprised the person who came up with it is a woman.

That is the point here with the left I think. They're a hysterical woman arguing with a man. They don't want actual solutions or cogent points, they want to see that the fear and hatred that they feel is also being felt by people on the right. And they'll keep escalating until they get that emotional response.

In a domestic argument which hasn't yet gotten violent is to let the woman see your emotional participation in the discussion by screaming at her. It usually cows them, and get's them listening again. But we're way past that with the left. Since they're already openly violent, I think the goal at this point is to find a way to keep the violence and injuries to a minimum.

I think it's also interesting that the way the left has always trampled the old right before, was demanding that they adhere to a standard of discussion that the left never had any intention of adhering to itself. They'd say " keep things as a civil discussion of the issues with no name calling or insults, and then scream "racist/misogynist" the second they heard somehting they couldn't counter. And now we see the same thing in protest form.

The chant "Peaceful Protest" fully expecting the right to adhere to that standard, and then blindside them the minute their backs are turned. I'm actually beginning to think that those black bloc kids could use a good firm beating.

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