Friday, January 27, 2017

- ...Or... Maybe Not

OK, this is hard to watch.

In the video below, Gavin McInnes, seems to have gone out and found the dumbest guy he could, in order to have him debate issue of race with Jared Taylor. This is what a big part of the modern left looks like. Jared is an extremely intelligent man with a encyclopedic knowledge of the genetic and sociological research regarding race, and has been thinking about it and talking about it for decades. This other guy is ... I'm not sure what he is. But he makes all the intellectual mistakes that are endemic on the left.

He doesn't know the difference between an anecdote and a generality. He is completely ignorant of statistics. He dismisses honest intellectual inquiry and the conclusions it suggest as nothing more than lies, simply because they don't conform to his feelings on the issue, and he is as historically illiterate as just about anyone I've ever met.

But his big one - the big intellectual mistake he makes - is that when Jared says that Asians and white are on average, more intelligent than blacks, he immediately assumes that Jared is actually saying that Whites are "superior" to blacks. Jared is saying nothing of the kind. In order to be superior, you need to discussing a specific activity and Jared recognizes that in some endeavors Blacks are obviously 'superior' to whites.

It's the same thing with "White Supremacy". The supremacy is always implied by the critic, and never claimed by the advocate of a race realistic view. Just because you recognize difference in behavior that conform to race, doesn't automatically mean you're a "White Supremacist". We should be doing all we can to take this stupid little bit of media brainwashing away from the critics of our view. And no one does that better, or certainly no one does it with more good cheer, than Jared Taylor.

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Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

I watched that on Gavin's live broadcast a while back. It was "Taylor vs. Rugged the Logical Fallacy Man". I was glad Taylor wasn't in the same room with 'Rugged' as I suspected Rugged would have gotten physical with Taylor, out of frustration.