Tuesday, January 31, 2017

- A Quick Question

Hey guys, has any of our intrepid, persistent, and totally totally objective newshounds bothered to check if the anti-Trump protests are growing or shrinking? We haven't heard anything about it, but that could be because it says something that the left doesn't want us to hear. Or maybe they're just waiting for Steve Sailer to figure it out for them. When in doubt blame laziness and stupidity before conspiracy, I always say.

But I think if you ponder the near future as much s I do, it's a highly relevant issues. Shrinking means that they're losing emotional momentum and the odds of the escalating violence becoming large scale reduces. It will be small groups of devoted anti-social psychotics instead of widespread open revolt.

Just wondering if anyone has seen anything. I honestly don't know. Hopefully the Trump Justice department will make this a key focus for themselves.


ikaika said...

Nothing yet, but it's interesting watching Trump steam forward with the agenda. The left has gone foaming rabid trying to follow an admin action with a protest. Tucker Carlson had a good show last night where he asked the protest organizers why is it wrong to ask immigrants to respect the laws of the country and why would the protesters allow someone that is bigoted against minorities into the US without scrutiny? It is amusing since Trump signed an Exec Order CONTINUING Obama's LGBT workplace rights (whatever that means...)

ikaika said...



Referencing Tucker's show re Protests and "refugees"

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

In my deep blue city the leftists have been throwing fits. The only respite from their collective angst has been the fact that the mosque shooter turned out to be a white guy. Some comments I have come across were almost gleeful as their narrative (evil white men) got some last minute reinforcement.

We have had public announcements about rallies in "support of immigrants" because, you know, the Trump Brown Shirts will soon be hitting the streets, removing anyone with a slighting off-white skin complexion... or something like that.

Right now everything the Left around me is doing is more complaining than action. I am kind of hoping they will run out of steam in a few weeks. Like Tom though, I see a couple flash points coming that I think will cause a real uproar (but not from your typical hipster SJW types). I have been slammed at work.. if I get some time to flesh out my thoughts on this subject, I will post them in detail.