Monday, January 30, 2017

- Re: The Quebec Mosque Shooting

The narrative of the mainstream media is that white heterosexual men are the most dangerous murderers/rapists alive and anyone who isn't a white heterosexual man is a "victim" of their oppression and rapiness. According to several accounts the shooters screamed "Allah aqbar" while spraying the crowd with bullets, but until the suspects are identified I don't think that means anything. I could easily see it as something that someone would scream as irony.

You don't have a lot of Mosques being shot up. not nearly enough to satiate the media appetite for anti-muslim violence anyway. Most of the "Hate crimes" against Muslims that are reported in the media, usually turn out to be fake. Since there isn't enough of an actual supply of hate for the left they find they have to invent some on their own.

I could see how this might be different though, especially since the names haven't been released. Why hold back on that if it fits the narrative that everyone is looking for so fervently?

Here's the thing on my mind though. White men are civilized, well mannered, industrious, and careful. But they aren't going to just lie back and take from the media forever. Vilify a group long enough and pretty soon they lose their desire to avoid vilification. If you're going to be burned in the media for a sin you never commit, why not commit the sin anyway?

Progressives are literally begging white men to organize and get violent. Every single day there are examples in the media where white heterosexual men are unfairly demonized, and as the political violence from progressives begins to increase, the political violence visited on progressives is certain to follow. Pretty soon the nightmare of liberals is going to come to pass I think.

And so there is no misunderstanding, I think that would be a stupid idea. I think anyone of any color or political stripe has the right to defend themselves, but hurting or killing people for their political beliefs strikes me as idiotic. There are better ways to address differences of opinion. And I sincerely hope the liberal media machine gets it's head out of it's rectum and allows the alt-right to join the discussion, so that we explore a few of the more peaceful ones.


Anonymous said...

Are mass shootings in America committed mostly by white men?

After the Dylan Roof shootings I got really irritated by the constant assumption that these shootings are by White American men. I' ve been collecting this info for some time. I don't know if you will find it of any interest, but listened to your latest podcast on the way to work this morning and thought I'd send it to you.

2017 - Fort Lauderdale (Florida) airport shooting of five Americans - Puerto Rican male.
2016 - Los Angeles (California) party shooting of four Americans - Jamaican male immigrant.
2016 - Burlington (Washington) Mall shooting of five Americans - Turkish male immigrant.
2016 - Baton Rouge (Louisiana) shooting of three American police officers - African-American male
2016 - Dallas (Texas) shooting of five American police officers - African-American male
2016 - Orlando (Florida) shooting of 49 Americans - Afghan-American male (2nd generation)
2016 - High Point HS (Maryland) shooting of three Americans - Asian male.
2015 - Inland Regional Center, San Bernardino (California) shooting of 14 Americans - Middle-eastern male & Middle-eastern female immigrant.
2015 - Umpqua (Oregon) Community College shooting of nine Americans - half-Black male immigrant.
2015 - Chattanooga (Tennessee) shootings of five American military men - Kuwaiti male immigrant.
2014 - Santa Barbara (California) college killing of six Americans - half-Asian male immigrant.
2014 - Fort Hood (Texas) shooting, four Americans killed - Puerto Rican male immigrant
2013 - Washington Navy Yard (DC) shooting, 12 Americans killed - African-American male
2013 - Boston (Massachusetts) Marathon bombing, two Americans killed - two Chechen male immigrants.
2012 - Miami (Florida), three Americans shot - Haitian male immigrant.
2012 - Oikos University (California) shooting of seven Americans - Korean male immigrant.
2011 - Permanente Quarry (California) shooting of three Americans - African-American male
2011 - Carson City (Nevada) IHOP killing of four Americans - Mexican male immigrant.
2010 - Hartford Distributors (Connecticut) shooting of eight Americans - African-American male
2009 - Fort Hood (Texas) shooting, 13 American soldiers killed - Middle-eastern male (2nd generation).
2009 - Lakewood (Washington) shooting of four American police officers - African-American male
2009 - Binghamton (New York) shooting of 13 Americans - Vietnamese male immigrant.
2007 - Virginia Tech (Virginia) shooting killing 32 Americans - Korean male immigrant.
2007 - Salt Lake City (Utah) shopping mall, five Americans killed - Bosnian male immigrant.
2005 - Red Lake (Minnesota) shooting of 10 Americans - Native-American male
2004 - Birchwood (Wisconsin) killing of six Americans - Hmong male immigrant
2003 - Windy City Core Supply warehouse Chicago (Illinois) in 2003, six Americans killed - Mexican male immigrant.
1993 - Long Island (New York) Railroad massacre, six Americans dead - Jamaican male immigrant.
1993 - 101 California Street (San Francisco) shootings of nine Americans - Ethiopian male immigrant.
1990 - GMAC massacre Jacksonville (Florida) 11 Americans killed - African-American male

Muzzlethemuz said...

@ Locker, thank you for that statistic.