Sunday, January 22, 2017

- Remember the Supreme Court?

This piece is a perfect example of poor journalism:

Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., wants a "mainstream" Supreme Court nomination from President Donald Trump or else Democrats will "fight it tooth-and-nail" to block it and keep deceased Justice Antonin Scalia's ninth seat open, Schumer said Sunday.

The easiest way to tell Chuck Schumer is lying is by checking him for a pulse. If he has one, then he's telling a falsehood. He doesn't want 'mainstream' for America, he wants 'mainstream' for the upper west side liberals of which he's an example. but that isn't the problem with the piece. What it doesn't say that when it comes to Trump nominating a Supreme Court Justice, Chuckie Schumer's desires don't have to be considered at all. He go suck my white privilege, for all the good it would do. the Democrats put "The Nuclear Option" in place during the Obama administration, and that means the Republicans who have a majority, can nominate someone to the right of Clarence Thomas or for that matter me (if they can find anyone) and he's still going to get in.

And it will be a delightful thing for me to see Chuck Schumer continually battered and bloodied (rhetorically speaking) by the same rule that he and his fellow Democrats put in place when the right was talking about civility and cooperation.

Take no prisoners mister President and offer no compromises. The American people will be right behind you on it all. The values that people like Chuck Schumer have been shoving down our throats are not American values. They're the values of a group of people who hate america and all it represents. So if your actions bring them pain, we're only going to be happy about it.

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Stephen Paul Foster said...

Chuck Schumber, a permanent adolescent. The adults are finally in charge.