Sunday, January 22, 2017

- Saving Feminists From Themsevles

Feminism isn’t really about politics it’s about morality. Women want to be the ones (the only ones) to decide what is right and what is wrong in everything having to do with relations between the sexes. The problem though is that women tend to be so dishonest about it. And it is in the nature of women that when they are dishonest, rather than simply telling a lie, they will instead lie to themselves and convince themselves that it is the truth.

I started to write yet another tired diatribe on the politics of the women’s movement but I’m bored with it. There is nothing new to say there. No new insights. Things haven’t changed. Nature and the universe have remained pretty static regarding issues of deep concern to the women’s movement. The only thing that’s changed is that since they lost an election, they are now considerably more upset about them.

I don’t live my life based on how upset women are, so I see no need to go into the actual politics. Theirs is a declining religion that fewer and fewer young women are interested in. The people that’s best for are those very same young women, who instead of a few years of meaningless sex traded in exchange for a mid-life and senior years alone and miserable, they may have husbands, children and a fulfilled life surrounded by people who care for them.

This whole march is right up there in terms of an example of female dishonesty. Most of the women there didn’t care about Feminism the day before Trump was elected and now that they’ve had their political version of a girls night out, tomorrow they’ll go back to not caring. Later term abortion and affirmative consent laws just don’t have broad appeal anymore. Women have figured out that all Feminism really gives them is a few hard penises in their youth in exchange for half a lifetime of isolation and insecurity. This may appeal to the most devoted Feminists, but honestly… what sane woman wants that?

I did think of one fun idea for these girls though. If they’re so devoted to abortion and equality, then by all means let’s put laws in place to further enshrine abortion as their right and to make things more equal. Let’s put a law in place that gives a man a ‘choice’ about surrendering his parental rights for a week or so after he’s told of the pregnancy. That would go like this:

An unmarried woman can abort any pregnancy she chooses without notifying the father of the child. But in order to compel a man who is not her husband to pay child support, a woman must notify him of her pregnancy while it’s still early enough for her to obtain a legal abortion in her state of residence. He then has 5 days to agree to support the child or not. He cannot compel her to abort – that is HER choice. But he can decide not to be involved in the support or child rearing.

If he chooses no, then she is able to make the rest of the choices on her own. She can abort, she can give the child for adoption, or she can raise the child on her own without the state compelling the man to support her.

If the man chooses yes and wishes to be recognized as a parent of the child, the woman can still decide to abort but adoption is no longer a choice for her. Instead of adoption, she has the option to surrender the child to the willing father, with the same restrictions that an adoption would place on her. To the woman it’s the same – she gives up the child. The only difference is who she can give the child to.

If the man is not notified of the pregnancy in the appropriate window, the woman retains all the rights she has now. The only difference is that the state will never compel the man to offer her support, since he wasn’t included in her decisions.

But here is the kicker – the thing that will save Feminists from their own short sightedness and stupidity by providing them rational incentives:

Husbands will be excluded from this law, as their consent to parenthood is pre-established by the marriage license. The new law will apply to unmarried couples only.

That’s right girls. In order to claim domain over all the reproductive decisions of the men in your life, you will have to marry him. You can be completely in charge, you just can’t do it alone. It will promote abortion and legal equality – just like you say you want. But it will also incentivize women to concentrate much more on marriage, and at an earlier age.

This won’t be enough of course. We’ll need to put an end to no fault divorce as well to keep the women from trying to ‘cash in’ later. But it would be a great start on the road to equality between the sexes.

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