Sunday, January 8, 2017

- Stupid White People

Above you see the distribution of IQ comparing the white and black populations, scaled to size of that population (Thanks to James Fulford of Vdare and Radio Derb for the link to it). There is a ton of information there if you know how to read the chart.

For starters, it says on average that black people have much lower IQ's than white people. It's about 1 standard deviation below the white average, though the chart doesn't specifically label that, I only know that because I'm familiar with the data. But it says something else that I think Alt-right minded readers would do very well to think about, but I don't hear it much.

Look at the point in the chart where the IQ is about 80. What this chart says is that while blacks on average have lower IQ's, there are just about as many white Americans with IQ's of 80 and below as there are black Americans with an IQ of 80 and below. So why don't our big American cities have white housing projects filled with stupid white people?

This isn't a percentage issue. What I'm talking about are people. People with mothers and fathers, and in many cases siblings, spouses and kids. In America there are roughly 37.2 million blacks with an IQ of 85 or lower, but there is an equal number of whites with the same low IQ. We know where many of the blacks are who meet that description. They're cobbled together in urban low income areas with big public resources, and high welfare roles. They're in places like Harlem, East New York, and dotted along Chicago's south side or Minneapolis's north. But where are our stupid white people?

The simple fact is, there is a big difference in behavior between white stupid people, and black stupid people. There numbers are just about the same but their behavior is very different. And it's my belief that the difference has absolutely nothing to do with IQ. In spite of the fact that IQ seems to be a kind of obsession with the Alt-Right.

It's a bit of a stereotype, but indulge me here. Anyone who has spent any meaningful time in the south has met stupid people both white and black, who are model citizens. They work at their lower skilled jobs, obey the laws, attend their churches, and participate in their communities. They are polite (generally) respectful of other people and their property, and aren't particularly prone to antisocial behavior. In my experience, public civility is a higher priority in the southern states, and they buy into that social constraint.

That description isn't the rule by any means. But it's perfectly possible to be a good American citizen, without being a smart one. For the most part, low IQ white people represent the same kind of social problems that low IQ black people do in theirs. Their drug use is high, as is their tendency toward criminal behavior, and their propensity to violence. But in spite of their similarities, they aren't generally in low income enclaves. Why is that do you think?

Is that some secondary effect of anti-black racism? I doubt it. It's much more likely, as has been carefully documented elsewhere, that the low IQ black American population migrated to the northern cities specifically because the welfare payout amounts were higher. (I can't find the article, but I've heard Bob Weissberg mention it in the past so I know it's there. Maybe one of you guys can find it.)

But why did low IQ blacks and low IQ whites behave so differently, even though they had similar incentives provided by public policy? We didn't put our black population into ghettos like the Nazi's did to the polish jews. Our Blacks went there on their own. They self segregated into inexpensive urban areas where public services and welfare payouts were high. So why didn't the low IQ whites do the same? Why doesn't New York, Chicago or Minneapolis have high crime, low income danger zones populated by whites?

Whatever it is (and though I have suspicions I don't claim to know) I don't believe it has anything to do with IQ. I don't think it has to do with drug use, or tendency toward criminality, or any of the other features of a low IQ population that seem to be pretty static and consistent regardless of race. But whatever it is, it's behavioral. And while IQ cannot be meaningfully changed, behavior can.

So why aren't we talking about policies that at least try to change it? Why isn't that even a part of the dialog? We won't make anyone with an 80 IQ of any race into a lawyer, doctor, banker, or scientist in spite of the vast resources wasted on trying to do so. So why don't we pursue a more modest goal of trying to make them the kind of people who can live peacefully in a civilized society?

It seems to me that it's in our interests to at least discuss it.

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