Thursday, January 26, 2017

- There Is Room For Lefties In The Alt-Right

I can feel minds changing around me as I read this.

Most of the people who read this probably won't take it any further. But some of them will go on to seek out the Derbyshire's, Taylors, and Brimelow's of the movement and see that it isn't craziness. They'll learn that the horror they "recoil" from isn't a horror at all, it's just an acceptance of reality for good or ill. And they'll realize that the real thinkers of the alt-right aren't monsters.

Are they racists? Not if you use the description of the Mainstream media for the word "racist". They aren't hateful or oppressive. They're just looking to make this all work out best for everyone, including blacks, Muslims and Latinos - who they universally agree are all entitled to live in the culture that they themselves define. They are just unwilling to let them define this one.

The people that are reacting badly to that piece though are missing something. I read one comment that said that European dominance of global culture is very 18th century, and it's day is past. But that person mistakes passivity with weakness. The Alt-Right has a deep and thoughtful philosophical base beneath it, unlike the equalist philosophy. They have thousands of years of history standing as proof of it's correct assumptions. "The world is as it is because we made it that way." They say. "And now you are trying to use our magnanimity to take it from us by force, but no more."

I'm convinced that eventually, even hardcore lefties will come to realize that if we're talking about a culture of only white people, dominated by historically European ethics, and historically European social constraints regarding shame and honor, then all their silly third way social welfare dreams will work just fine. I'll still disagree with them, but it will be possible to at least have a civil discussion about it. But at that point we'll be arguing about the direction of the tribe, not over it's potential dissolution. Those are discussions I'm prepared to have.

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