Tuesday, January 31, 2017

- Tucker Carlson Vs. Airport Protester

Here's one of Ikaika's mentioned clips of Tucker Carlson, swatting around a "peaceful" protester from Portland airport. He also shows a little of the footage of a Trump supporter getting clocked by those very same "peaceful" protesters at the end of the piece.

I wish he had asked this idiot if he was present when the guy got KO'd, but I'm sure he would deny it. What a triumph it would have been though to make him answer for his voice or his image on that airport clip.

My bro thinks that sooner or later the idiot leftists are gonna figure out that Tucker is going to walk all over them. I disagree. I think that believing they're smart enough to out argue someone from "Faux News" is one of the central dogmas of liberalism. So there will always be one more fanatic willing to come on and try to spread the faith.

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ikaika said...

Nah - they already know that Tucker will argue on point. Leftists will never cede their emotions when confronted with logic. As far as lefty violence: back when W was potus, the left was able to concentrate and mass a human wave of protest on single issues. This is where they gained the most attention, traditional anti-war rhetoric. By allowing the Black Bloc-heads to emerge, the Left has unleashed bubonic rats upon their cause and actions. The protests are "classically designed" to confront single issues, but now they are being hit with multiple issues in rapid succession.
Analogy: using a Napoleonic or Colonial Style of infantry tactic to fight a modernized war.
The crossfire and blindfire of the left has already laid-waste to BLM and the talking vagina movement. Now they have to fight Trump on heightened due-diligence of foreign travelers.
The last resort or the A-bomb in the leftist protester arsenal is the Hitler analogy, even if the admin is trying to prevent a bigoted cultural movement from taking hold in America.