Monday, January 30, 2017

- Well I'm Convinced...

I met Peter Dinklage of Tyrion Lannister fame, when I was in college. I had a friend who went to his high school, and we met very briefly in a parking lot on the way to an off campus party. The whole thing was a little fuzzy the next day, let alone 30 years in the past. But he's a pretty memorable guy.

As I recall though he was OK. And because he was, I was always pleased when his career got struck by lightning and he stepped into the most interesting and compelling role ever written for a dwarf. Can you imagine? I don't think anyone could ever be more type-cast than a guy who is less than 5 feet tall. He was great in The Station Agent" and "In Bruges", but Tyrion has made him one of the most recognizable faces on the planet. Good for him I say. Especially since he has always had the good sense to keep his politics to himself.

The doofus pictured above, Simon Helberg, had a similar bout of luck when someone came up with the idea for a bunch of nerdy physicist working at Cal-Tech, and called it the Big Bang Theory. How could a tiny little dweeb like him ever hope to work in any other role? He's too short to be a side kick, too unattractive to be a leading man, and too much of a pansy to be a villain. He might have had some kind of career dressed up as an animal in children's shows or something, but until Big Bang, that was really his limit.

So naturally, when I think of whose advice I should be taking on matters of national security, the very first person I think of is an insecure and effeminate little actor who would never be known for anything except for the fact that he had some of the best casting luck in the history of Hollywood. I always enjoy how he tries to 'butch it up' by being unshaven and tough looking, but never manages to pull it off. If he were to threaten someone in a bar or something, 99% of the men in America would laugh in his face.

I'll bet anything he has a Harley in his garage that he's afraid to ride.

I've said quite a bit about the Feminization of men, and this guy is the perfect example. Back in the day, before the normalization of homosexuality, we would have called this guy a fag. That was probably unfair since he certainly can't help the size he was born. And it was probably unfair to most homosexuals as well, since few of them are this effeminate. But he doesn't have to act like such a complete 'bottom' does he?

The people in Hollywood seem to think that they're making a brave statement by advocating a position that 100% of the people they know believe in. But seeing this little pansy and his beard (I mean the woman) advocating for refugees, only convince me that banning them is precisely the right thing to do. when he says refugees welcome, he means "but nowhere near me", and I think we all know what she means when she says "Let them in". She could probably use a man in her life so...fair enough.

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Muzzlethemuz said...

Helberg is the personification of "douche." And likely no coincidence, just a crushing urge to put a fist into that face. Gotta stop reading this blog. Lol.