Tuesday, January 31, 2017

- Who Is The ANTIFA?

So I was curious to see if anyone had identified, arrested, or charged the guy who slugged Richard Spencer down in DC, and caused so much of left leaning America to declare it open season on violence toward the Alt-Right. [Short answer no, but there is a $5,000 reward offered for information.] What followed was a few minutes clicking around the online presence of the ANTIFA - the far left "Anarchist" movement, dedicated to general disruption since the election of Trump, and who are clearly willing to use violence to achieve their goals.

To say that the information is sparse, is no stretch. But there are a few interesting things to find out about their movement in NYC. Like for instance, they have one of their HQ's out on Myrtle ave. in Bushwick, which can be easily identified by the signs in the window, visible on Google Streetview. They also go out of their way to try to identify specific alt-right supporters, with what I would call extremely limited success.

But apart from that, for the most part it seems to me like it's nothing more than the drug addled malcontents of the occupy movement, all dressed in black outfits. Their views seem to be all over the map out at the far tail end of leftist ideology. Veganism, animal rights, paganism, anarcho-marxism, and violence against anyone they believe is a threat. Just another day in the psych ward. On the whole, they don't seem particularly organized or intellectually coherent. I'll be losing no sleep.

But it does make me wonder why the only media piece on them that I could find was from France last year. Not a single US news story getting into ANTIFA or the Black Bloc. This strikes me as strange because they slugged Richard Spencer, to much fanfare by the mainstream. They torched cars, garbage cans, and broke windows all over DC during the inauguration. The 200 or so that were arrested are all being charged with Felony Rioting. A news story in itself.

They knocked out a Christian protester in Portland last week, and one of their members was shot when he assaulted a man at the University of Washington protest of Milo's speech. These are all news worthy events, but not one media piece.

I get that the goal is to make leftists seem like pristine angels interested only in civil disobedience and the noble heirs to the legacy of Martin Luther King. And I even get that you folks in the media "Like" the fact that these guys are violent against people that you don't like. Fine. No one is slugging anyone from the New york Times... yet. But surely the group(s) that is responsible for so much good TV is worth looking at just a little right? Surely there is some junior staffer someplace interested in making some kind of a mark who will stop by in Bushwick and ask around a little right?.

And what's more, I'm sure they'd be happy for the attention. I don't care if it's a puffy NBC lovefest piece hosted by a staffer from the nation. I don't care if they portray them as the last hope of a nation struggling under the burden of 55 million Hitlers. I'd like to know who they are (or at least who they think they are) and what they want (or at least what they think they want).

That's our News Media. Always right on top of things.

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