Monday, January 9, 2017

- A Word On Anonymity

If my stats from blogger can be believed, I'm seeing a bit of a traffic resurgence. Readership dropped off dramatically when I took a break to get divorced, but now it's coming back a bit. So I think it's worth saying something about the configuration of this blog for the readers who haven't been around since the beginning, and don't already know the answers.

I have no advertising at all. This blog is not a 'money making' endeavor for me so I don't promote it - only readers and friends ever do that. I have no twitter or facebook account - never did. And I did it that way because I had (have) a need to make it at least a little difficult to associate the opinions on this blog with my professional identity. It isn't that I'm afraid to speak up or to defend my opinions, I just don't want it to be any harder to do my job successfully than it ever has to be. With that said though, I always thought that total anonymity was a bit of a copout. So instead, I use my real first name and on occasion show my real last name and other details out of context with it.

The goal of all that is to make it difficult but not impossible to find out who exactly I am. If you're the FBI or you have a real and legitimate reason to find me, all the info you need to do so is here, even an approximation of my past and current addresses. If you're a Feminist Obama supporter who is angry at me for violating your safe space, the information is still here, but I doubt that you'll be willing to go to the trouble to find it. It's gonna take a bit more than a simple google search. This let's me hold my head up, such as it is, for not hiding behind a pseudonym...exactly, and it preserves enough of my privacy to allow me to have a career away from politics and commentary.

This started as a blog about my work (finance and economics) and my hobby (shooting and hunting), with some comments on the politics affecting both. It's morphed into something else entirely. What exactly that is I can't say for sure, but I do know that some of my longtime readers aren't happy about the change (and have said so). But at the end of the day, the blog has changed because I've changed. I'm much more concerned about the culture war now than I was before, and I barely think about politics at all. I've kind of decided that it's the culture which is our illness, and politics is just a symptom of it. I'd rather address the cause than the effect.

The comments section has always been lean on this blog relative to the size of the readership, and that seems correct to me. I'm not saying things these days that involve much in the way of 'dialog'. You pretty much either agree, or you don't, and no one's mind is getting changed by arguing it. I'm not trying to lead a movement, define its direction, or set any course but my own. If you want to argue about principles, Vox seems very prepared to do that sort of thing, as does Steve Sailer and the guys at Ace of Spades and Heartiste. For my part I'd just as soon see the complainers be their problem.

Anonymous comments still result in a mountain of spam, so that's turned off, but does cut down the total count. Spam is the reason I turned it off in the first place, and I see no reason to change that. And since many of the regular readers of this blog are finance guys who have the same risks to a fully open identity as I do (or at least did), it cuts into the comment count pretty seriously. Like I said, that's OK with me. With all that said though, I'm increasingly comfortable with the idea of less anonymity than before, so you never know. I might actually step up out of the shadow. I haven't decided. These days the willingness to stand by your words with a face and a name is more important, mainly because the costs of it are potentially so high. But America needs people who will step up and let their livelihoods be threatened, even if it's only to motivate others to do so. I don't believe political correctness can be ended anonymously.

We just finalized the sale of the company I've been working on last week, so I'm unemployed again. I have some assets so it's no emergency, but I have a breathtakingly high alimony bill to cover, so I will need to continue to work. That probably seems an odd time to consider poking my head up to potentially be lopped off by the social justice brigades, but it's where I am. Maybe I'll wait until I get a new gig and have a better feel for the lay of the land.

The other day I ripped off a quote that said that "Truth is the root of all virtue". I truly believe that. And I want very much to leave the world better than I found it. That's the "why" around here. I think that identifying and examining the actual truth, as opposed to some some ego imposed delusion, is something I do pretty well. I have what I believe is a first rate nose for bullshit, carefully cultivated over decades of sniffing it out for a living. So that's how I see what I'm doing.

Little virtue has come from that for me so far, but I'm still working on it.

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