Monday, February 13, 2017

- 18,106,633% Increase!

From GatewayPundit:

Joy Villa’s Album Sales EXPLODE 18,106,633% Within Hours Of Wearing Make America Great Again Dress

Politics or no, it was a brilliant piece of marketing, and you have to admire her chops.

The reaction to it included empty death threats from cowardly lefties on twitter, but the sales numbers clearly said one thing.

America is sick to death of the media, and the left, and the crybabies in the vagina costumes blocking traffic and screaming "This is what Democracy Looks Like". We're sick of being lectured by thoughtless idiot celebrities, and being called racist, fascist nazi's for wishing that the government would just leave us the F*** alone.

We're tired of the fat, stupid, psychotic professors screaming at the cops to "Beat the Hell out of the Nazis!" who just want to make a speech. And have totally had it with the way they chant "Love Trump's Hate" while they break windows, torch cars, and laughably try to lecture the rest of us on what hypocritical monsters WE are.

But they aren't going to go away. George Soros will keep paying them and Obama will be organizing and planning for them every single day. They don't see what that will inevitably mean.

More and more I agree with Gavin McInnes, and we should just beat the hell out of them when we see them.

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