Sunday, February 5, 2017

- The Antifa Arrestee List

I went through the list of the Antifa kids arrested in the DC riots ( list pasted below), or at least those local to NYC, and they are exactly what you would expect. A few professional “activists” sprinkled in among the yoga instructors, outsider artists, and unsuccessful media people. A few journalist names were also included, including one writer for “The Nation”, but whatever the circumstances of his arrest, a little research shows that he’s managed to avoid formal charges.

They’re almost certainly the same lunatics, freaks, and social flotsam and jetsam of the occupy movement. The kind of people who are slaves to their fragile egos, and are incapable of thinking clearly enough to improve their lot in life, in spite of living in the richest city on the planet. If you track them down and ask them, whatever the question is I’m quite certain they’ll tell you that the answer is “It isn’t my fault!”

There are 300 million people in America, and that means that whatever idea you can generate, either from assessments of reality or from the whole cloth of your own imagination, is certain to have a few people who believe it’s the absolute truth no matter how utterly ridiculous it seems to the rest of us.

Squirrels cause cancer. Invention of the wheel was racism. Chiang Kia Shek was really Norwegian. Menstruation is a social construct created by the oppressive patriarchy. It’s all out there. Every cockamamie bit of nonsense no matter how bizarre. With 300 million minds involved, there is no conspiracy too unlikely or too strange to not develop at least a few devoted adherents. Evidence (or the lack of it) means absolutely nothing to the people who think this way, and I think it's pretty clear that Antifa is only attractive to this kind of thinker.

For them, Trump’s election isn’t just an unusual electoral scenario. It’s a horrifying validation, that their worst fears about themselves might be true. It says that the perfect world they wished for so very, very hard, where artists and yoga instructors are paid more than bankers and businessmen, might be suffering a massive derailment. Their rage at this intrusive fact is overwhelming to them – not just because it says something about where our society is and where it's going, but because it says something devastating about their likely future place in it. So if they have to imagine an emergent movement of Nazi's and Fascists into existence from a collection of law abiding people who just want to talk about an opposing view, it's really small potatoes.

They don't represent an emergent revolution any more than occupy did. They represent the right tail of the distribution, of the functionally mentally ill. I feel a little sorry for them all things considered, but not enough to think society would be improved if they live anywhere but prison. They are such outsiders and are so bad at everything, that they probably weren't very much good at destruction either. That they managed to do so much damage in DC is probably just testimony to the self restraint of the DC police department. These kids don’t look like they could organize an intramural softball game let alone a cogent political resistance. They’re the kind of people you see coming on the street and cross to the other side – mainly because of the smell.

Felony riot charges are pending for many of them, which means it will be “occupy the prison system” 2017” for our Antifa friends. That won’t fix them of course – there’s no rehabilitating someone who processes information this poorly. But it should spare the rest of us a little of their grief for a while.

Right now I’m certain there is someone with more time on their hands cross matching these names with online identities and available photos, to get them even more exposure. I'll link it back if I see something surface. Then we can call their employers, their neighbors, their therapists, their parents. The 4chan boys can paper their neighborhoods with "Whites Have Rights" and "Join the AR" stickers and pamphlets. To most of us, that sort of thing would mean close to nothing - of course some people disagree with us. But to them, to be so blatantly presented with a fact like that is to shake their world view to it's core.

When the photos are all linked to the names, with any luck the guy who blind sided Richard Spencer will be among them, and he’ll be identified and charged. Someone is probably going to the trouble right now, just because of the reward that's been offered. That event was far more popular with leftists than the DC or Berkeley riots in themselves. Political violence against an accused "Nazi" seemed like all good fun to the left. But to charge him with that assault will remind them of how futile such efforts usually are.

Then we can begin to put this mess behind us and start the real conversations that America should be having.

Anyway here are the names of the DC rioters:

Duke Mabirou 24 years old Ypsilanti, MI
Andrew Joung 23 years old Unknown
Alexander Rubinstein 24 years old New York, NY
John Baker 58 years old Chicago, IL
Anthony Felice 25 years old Wilmington, NC
Rudy Martinez 24 years old San Marcos, TX
Payton McDonald 23 years old Ann Arbor, MI
Casey Webber 28 years old Washington, DC
Jashua Barnak 29 years old Wilmington, NC
Colin Flood 28 years old Calars, UT
Saul Jaffe 29 years old Chicago, IL
Evan Engel 30 years old Brooklyn, NY
Jesse Schultz 65 years old Washington, DC
John Flynn 25 years old Langhorne, PA
Nathaniel Jaffe 29 years old Philadephia, PA
Jonathan Dunlap 29 years old Washington, DC
Erik Bardo 28 years old Rochester, NY
Christopher Akerich 28 years old Salisbury, MD
Zachary Callahan 37 years old Washington, DC
Richard Allen 20 years old Kent, OH
Gabriel Mielke 20 years old Washington, DC
Carlo Piantini 25 years old New York, NY
Seth Cadman 25 years old Washington, DC
Daniel Kaufman 21 years old Newton, MA
Daniel Meltzer 32 years old Carrboro, NC
Shawn Westfahl 38 years old Philadephia, PA
John Coursey 28 years old Baltimore, MD
Nicholas Shepard 32 years old Liberty, TN
Michael Adkins 60 years old Unknown
Massey Thomas 32 years old PA
Robert Matyas 36 years old MI
Samir Butt 25 years old Philadephia, PA
Carlos Cabeza 23 years old Brooklyn, NY
Peter Soeller 24 years old Unknown
Raghav Sharma 21 years old Pittsburgh, PA
Matthew Fitzpatrick 27 years old Whitney Point, NY
Oliver Weilein 22 years old Cedar Falls, ID
Ian Grape 21 years old Rochester, NY
Jacob Cunningham 29 years old Manassas, VA
Ramiz Andoni 27 years old Oakton, VA
Stephen Loughman 26 years old Richmond, VA
Edward Bickard 24 years old Nesconset, NY
Jordan Reid 25 years old Nashville, TN
Robert Toomey 23 years old Springfield, PA
David Silverberg 29 years old Brooklyn, NY
John Keller 27 years old Fairfax Station, VA
Cheney Orr 26 years old Brooklyn, NY
Joseph Lupo 29 years old Queens, NY
Patrick Jones 30 years old Asheville, NC
Dylan Slusarz 22 years old Ashburn, VA
Christian Valencia 22 years old New York, NY
William Amann-Howison 20 years old Richmond, VA
Philip Brewer 31 years old Arbonale, IL
Jayram Toraty 34 years old Vesta, NY
Jeremy Patten 32 years old Philadephia, PA
Alexei Wood 26 years old Unknown
Christopher Dellacamera 21 years old Brooklyn, NY
Camilo Pereira 24 years old Baltimore, MD
Vishal Bajpai 22 years old Millhim, PA
Michael Basillas 31 years old New York, NY
Christina Winsor 39 years old Bronx, NY
Rosa Roncales 31 years old Richmond, VA
Jocelyn Mitchell 23 years old Los Angeles, CA
Emmeline Wilks-Dupiose 29 years old Brooklyn, NY
Alexa Grazio 19 years old Pittsburgh, PA
Dana Fraula 28 years old Salisbury, MD
Jennifer Armento 38 years old Philadelphia, PA
Elisa Yeshin Lee 33 years old New York, NY
Layne Puplin 24 years old Booneville, NC
Lori Freye 30 years old Grand Rapids, MI
Mally Espaillat 25 years old Chapel Hill, NC
Sydney Leslie 20 years old Fairfax, VA
Alisa Stone 26 years old Grand Rapids, MI
Avery Pittman 27 years old Winnewski, VT
Alexa Detter 23 years old Millheim, PA
Emeline Phipps 32 years old Richmond, VA
Emily Dicicco 23 years old Philadelphia, PA
Zoe Kaseman 24 years old Harrisburg, PA
Gabriella Bruce 19 years old New York, NY
Kimberly Cain 24 years old Jacksonville, NC
Olivia Alsip 23 years old Chicago, IL
Christina Simmons 19 years old Cockysville, MD
Lori Puglisi 45 years old Washington, DC
Stephanie Randazzo 25 years old Carbordale, IL
Sarah Smithson 18 years old Herndon, VA
Kaitlyn Rorke 31 years old Baltimore, MD
Brittne Lawson 26 years old Pittsburgh, PA
Sarah Gilbert 26 years old Asheville, NC
Carson Cates 26 years old Galatia, IL
Hannah Martin 18 years old Washington, DC
Diane Akerman 33 years old Brooklyn, NY
Jesaka Brook’ausler 25 years old Carbundale, IL
Alexandra Gedra 28 years old Richmond, VA
Sara Callahan 29 years old Washington, DC
Sahsa Hill 22 years old New York, NY
Emily Horstman 24 years old Pittsburgh, PA
Kayla Henaghan 18 years old Richmond, VA
Deborah Burd 26 years old Fort Wayne, IN
Erinn Lemkey 34 years old Brooklyn, NY
Molly Carter 28 years old Baltimore, MD
Anya Harjung 22 years old Newark, DE
Sarah Hailey 34 years old Pittsburgh, PA
Nicole Armbruster 33 years old Washington, DC
Saline Golenberg 34 years old Washington, DC
Cassidy Plaud 24 years old Manchund, MA
Katherine Dunleavy 24 years old Unknown
Marisa Matthews 19 years old Pittsburgh, PA
Moiree Chiu 20 years old Madison, WI
Sydnie Stocks 22 years old San Diego, CA
Tovia Shaprio 27 years old Worcester, MA
Benjamin Freedman-Peel 23 years old Brooklyn, NY
Etkar Surett Junwirth 24 years old Upper Danby, PA
James Crombie 20 years old Collinsville, CT
Timothy Rose 23 years old Chicago, IL
Eric Schimmel 26 years old Virginia Beach, VA
Benjamin Pennacchio 18 years old Pipersville, PA
Aaron Schoen 18 years old Doylestown, PA
Daniel Filstein 28 years old Unknown
Cody Stewart 22 years old Clarksville, TN
Samuel Arambula 28 years old Detroit, MI
Tim Costigan 37 years old Kansas City, MO
Robert Eason 41 years old Portland, CT
Caly Retherford 28 years old Baltimore, MD
Joshhua Betley 28 years old Unknown
Adam Simpson 29 years old Washington, DC
Christopher Patrick 21 years old Eldersburg, MD
Arturo Vasquez 26 years old Baltimore, MD
Andrew Switzer 43 years old Philadelphia, PA
David Stubbs 31 years old Richmond, VA
Alex Harris 27 years old Reisterstown, MD
Isaac Dalto 26 years old Baltimore, MD
Jack Sorensen 18 years old Pittsford, NY
Joseph Gore 22 years old Worcester, VT
Christopher Stella 26 years old NC
Bradley Collins 41 years old Boiling Green, VA
Alexander Contompasis 33 years old Rensliear, NY
Tom Aubin 32 years old Pittsburgh, PA
Madison Broomer 25 years old Mechanicsburg, PA
Ashley Maclaren 28 years old Unknown
Jada Young 21 years old New York, NY
Heather Higby 38 years old Durham, NC
Hanna Demarte 20 years old Chesapeake, VA
Nora Walker 24 years old Portland, OR
Leah Young 27 years old Durango, CO
Sharleen Stinger 35 years old Philadelphia, PA
Traci Dunlap 44 years old Redmond, WA
Makenna Clark 20 years old Black Mountain, NC
Emma Engle 26 years old Bronx, NY
Faryn Messick 23 years old Baltimore, MD
Michelle Macchio 25 years old Naples, FL
Elizabeth Romaker 24 years old Burlington, VT
Rebekah Schiller 33 years old New York, NY
James Sullivan 35 years old Greenbelt, MD
Jared Farley 34 years old Annapolis, MD
Ryan Keating 27 years old Philadelphia, PA
Michael Webermann 30 years old Baltimore, MD
William Bogin 26 years old Bethesda, MD
Troy Neves 22 years old Newtown, CT
Duncan Ranslem 27 years old Brooklyn, NY
Michael Loadenthal 33 years old Cincinnati, OH
Zachary Vary 26 years old Brooklyn, NY
Devin Bartolomed 32 years old Washington, DC
Daniel Rengel 23 years old Centreville, VA
Savannah Patterson 24 years old Savannah, GA
Soan Steffon 24 years old IL
Paige McElravy 25 years old Hartsville, SC
Kristen Asher 32 years old RI
Lianne Sherman 21 years old Pittsburgh, PA
Aleks Lundina 23 years old Hadley, MA
Rachel Russell 24 years old Falls Church, VA
Caroline Unger 22 years old Park Ridge, IL
Elizabeth Lagesse 29 years old Baltimore, MD
Miriam Zemel 25 years old Brooklyn, NY
Taylor Zarkin 27 years old FL
Kiley Haberman 22 years old Burlington, VT
Phillip Glaser 27 years old Baltimore, MD
Jeremy Bingham 25 years old Arlington, MA
Matthew Fichtner 25 years old Boston, MA
Matthew Stearns 30 years old Carbondale, IL
Colton Richardson 26 years old Savannah, GA
Nicholas Webster 19 years old Erie, PA
David Fulkerson 21 years old Annandale, VA
Tylan Paxton 24 years old Woodbridge, VA
David Baghdadi 39 years old Rockville, MD
Randall Setzer 24 years old Durham, NC
Alexandra Krales 28 years old Bronx, NY
Nolle Smoot 25 years old Triangle, VA
Kristina Kelly 27 years old Portland, CT
Jordanna Burgess 30 years old Chapel Hill, NC
Cassandra Beale 24 years old Pasadena, CA
Ella Fassler 24 years old Brooklyn, NY
Jacob Wilkerson 24 years old Annapolis, MD
Keval Bhatt 19 years old Chesterfield, VA
Zachary Belcher 24 years old Chicago, IL
Peter Hyndman 25 years old Philadelphia, PA
Anastasiya Grishkevich 24 years old Philadelphia, PA
Chloe Nagy 25 years old Richmond, VA
Kyle Burcham 18 years old Bumpass, VA
Trent Fulton 28 years old Blacksburg, MD
Aaron Cantu 28 years old Brooklyn, NY
Louis Mazzei 46 years old Patchogue, NY
Lan Grant 22 years old Walingford, PA
Spencer Kaaz 21 years old Memphis, TN
Sean Hendley 28 years old Washington, DC
Jeremiah Sellers 21 years old Durham, NC
Nicholas Difazio 22 years old Silver Spring, MD
Alexander Penley 46 years old Washington, DC
Benjamin Carraway 32 years old Denver, CO
James Hicks 25 years old Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
Lucas Wooden 21 years old Wilton, Maine
Phoenix Godwin 25 years old Savannah, GA
Breton Strasburger 22 years old Pittsburgh, PA
Alessandro Pane 20 years old Hyattsville, MD
Alvaro Ortiz-Vazquez 22 years old New York, NY
Connor Linden 23 years old Warren, OH
Robert Miller 27 years old Black Mountain, NC
Sagen Lancaster 24 years old Ukiah, California
Oliver Harris 27 years old Philadelphia, PA
Cameron Powell 25 years old Durham, NC
Christopher Litchfield 25 years old College Park, MD
Steven Backus 34 years old Raleigh, NC
Matthew Hopard 32 years old Brooklyn, NY
Shay Horse 23 years old Unknown
James Hoopes 30 years old Falls Church, VA
Judah Rubin 29 years old Jackson Heights, NY
Michael Gonzalez 25 years old New York, NY
Kenneth Delacruz 21 years old New York, NY
Shane McParland 30 years old MI
Luke McGowan-Arnold 19 years old Rockford, IL
Samuel Kitch 26 years old Baltimore, MD


bobby said...

If you're from a town called Bumpass, VA, you should make it a point to keep your name and hometown out of the papers.

Steve Beaver said...

Virginia is for lovers. Apparently of all types.